ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4 Person Tent Review

Dennis Brune founded ALPS Mountaineering and ALPS Brands in 1993. ALPS’ mission is to provide outdoor gear to enhance people’s active lifestyles. ALPS stands for “Active Lifestyle Products and Services.” Their product line consists of rainwear, lights, trekking poles, sleeping bags, packs, tents, and camping furniture.

The ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4 Person Tent is a backpacking tent similar to ALPS’ bestselling Taurus tent. The Lynx is also a  two-pole freestanding rectangular dome design with two doors, two vestibules, and large mesh windows . The Lynx was also a Backpackers Classic Pick.

These are the features and specifications of the Lynx:

  • Base size: 7’6 x 8’6 (63.75 square feet)
  • Center height: 52″ (4’4”)
  • Vestibule depth: 35″
  • Vestibule area: 25 square feet
  • Minimum weight: 7 lbs. 15 oz.
  • Total weight: 8 lbs. 10 oz.
  • Packed size: 6″ x 23″
  • Pole diameter: 11 mm
  • Free-standing two-pole design with 7000 series aluminum poles
  • Easy assembly with pole clips that quickly snap over the tent poles
  • 75D 185T polyester fly with 1500mm coating to resist UV damage and stay taut
  • Factory-sealed fly and floor seams for weather protection
  • 75D 185T poly taffeta floor with 2000mm coating
  • Extra large #8 zippers
  • Two doors and two vestibules
  • Mesh storage pockets, gear loft, 7075 aluminum stakes, and guy ropes included
  • Weatherproof buckle-on fly for adjustability and protection
  • Door designed for easy entry and great ventilation
  • Vestibules for gear storage and extra weather protection
  • Half-mesh walls increase ventilation

Lynx 4 Person Tent

What we like

The ALPS Mountaineering Lynx is straightforward, rugged, and versatile. As a high-end four-person tent the quality of the materials and build are easy to see. Like the popular Taurus, the main selling point of the Lynx is its superior design and construction.

The Lynx differentiates itself from the Taurus with sturdy aluminum poles instead of fiberglass, and a lot more mesh material on the body of the tent. As a result, the Lynx is significantly lighter than the Taurus and arguably sturdier.

The Lynx stands out from other tent designs with its two-pole system. The poles go into a grommet hole, which we prefer over a sleeve or clip system.  This system saves weight and hassle. You should be able to set this tent up quickly the first time without directions or instructional videos; it’s just that simple.  Most users can set the tent up in five to ten minutes the first time around.

Packed, the tent measures 6” x 23,” and it weighs in at 7 pounds, 15 ounces stripped (8 pounds, 10 ounces total weight). The Lynx isn’t an ultralight backpacking tent, but it’s certainly light enough to merit consideration for most backpackers. 

Assembled, the Lynx has a base size of 7.5 x 8.5 feet. That’s just under 64 square feet, in total. We prefer a rectangular layout to a square design (like 8 x 8, for example) because it makes better use of the available space.

The two doors, each with a 35” vestibule, offer a total of 25 additional square feet of storage space. We like vestibules; they’re handy for cutting down on clutter in the tent and storing extra gear away from the sleeping area. They also come in handy as an antechamber to retain heat in the tent and stay dry in bad weather.

The Lynx is  sturdy enough to function as an all-purpose tent, even though it’s lightweight . The rugged 75D 185T poly taffeta floor has a 2000mm waterproof coating. The floor is rated to withstand 2000mm of water for 24 hours; most umbrellas only rate around 500mm. The 75D 185T vented polyester fly has 1500mm waterproofing.

It’s UV resistant, which means it will last for many seasons. We loved the buckle attachment for the fly, which is easy to use and adjust but also sturdy.

The extra-large #8 zippers on the doors and the vestibules work perfectly. Small or poorly functioning zippers are a big problem on some competitors’ tents, so kudos to ALPS Mountaineering for getting this essential detail right.

ALPS engineered the Lynx carefully, inside and out. The design allows a lot of fresh air in with mesh door windows, mesh roof vents, and half-mesh wells. Overnight condensation is no problem with the Lynx.

The Lynx has mesh storage pockets and a gear loft. The storage pockets are a great place to stash flashlights or other essentials. The gear loft is a shelf that works well for keeping larger items out of the way, but still handy.

ALPS also includes guy ropes and 7075 aluminum stakes with the Lynx. Guy ropes are for tying down your tent in high wind and are usually an aftermarket accessory. The 7075 aluminum stakes are a grade above most factory or entry-level tent stakes. Both of these accessories add value since you won’t need to spend extra to get guy ropes or upgraded stakes.

 ALPS Mountaineering offers some of the best customer service in the tent business.  Their team responds to emails in minutes, which is terrific if you have an urgent question before or during your outing.

What we wish was different

 The maximum width of the Lynx is 8.5 feet.  That means if four adults lie side-by-side in the tent, each adult has about 2 feet of shoulder space lying down. Two or three adults is doable, as is two or three adults with one or even two small kids, but  you may want a “six-person tent” if you plan to fit four adults. 

The height of the Lynx at the highest point is 4’4”. Since you can’t stand up in most backpacking tents anyway, it’s a logical way for ALPS to save weight and reduce the packed size, but some users may still want a roomier roof height. 

What other customers say

Michael D. is a wilderness firefighter who sleeps in his tent for 14-21 days at a time, and he loves his Lynx 4. He bought it after a competitor tent failed in high wind when the fiberglass rods shattered, and he says he couldn’t be happier with his purchase.

Michael S. got “tired of department store junk” and says the Lynx is absolutely the best value he can find in a tent. He and his wife use a full-sized air mattress, and there’s still room left over for his 60-pound dog.

Hood says he put the tent through the wringer last spring, and he’s pleased with its toughness, waterproofing, and ventilation.

Wrapping up

With the ALPS Mountaineering Lynx, you get  well-thought-out features like the two-pole system with grommet attachments, roomy gear vestibules, a UV-resistant exterior, and big sturdy #8 zippers. 

Some car camping enthusiasts and weekenders may prefer a roomier roof and more floor space, but the compact size and efficient layout are conducive to saving weight, making the Lynx a top choice for an all-purpose four-person tent. 

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4-Person Tent, Clay/Rust
  • Free Standing 2 Pole System with 7000 Series Aluminum Poles
  • Easy Assembly with Pole Clips that quickly snap over the tent poles
  • 75D 185T Polyester Fly resists UV damage and stays taut
  • Factory Sealed Fly & Floor Seams give best weather protection
  • 75D 185T Taffeta Floor with 2000mm Coating

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