Ameristep Care Taker Ground Blind Review

At Ameristep, “Not Seeing is Believing.” They offer a huge variety of blinds and accessories which help hunters stay comfortably concealed in a variety of outdoor environments. The Care Taker is one of their most popular spider hub blinds. Here’s a closer look at its features.

What we like

The spider frame allows for a fast, easy setup. Metal-stamped hubs pop out of each panel to create a solid structure that can withstand high winds and heavy rains.

But at 16.75 pounds, the blind is still lightweight and easy to carry when taken down. It’s a  great option for hunters who want to cover a lot of ground  and hunt from various spots throughout the day.

Made from high-quality materials, the Durashell Plus fabric shell keeps you dry even in the pouring rain while staying breathable and cool. A ShadowGuard interior coating prevents shadows and silhouettes from giving away your position. A D-shaped door allows easy entry and exit.

Materials used are  durable and damage resistant . You can set it up underneath tree branches and in other rough terrains without risking tears or other issues.

The blind’s mesh has a shoot-through design which allows for clear aiming and easy firing. It’s designed to work equally well for both firearms and bows. 

A Realtree Xtra camo pattern provides  excellent concealment even in direct sunlight . While the gray/brown pattern fits right at home in just about any forested area, you’ll get the absolute best results in locations with lots of visible timber.

Additionally, the blind is comfortable to sit in for long periods. Two grown adults should be able to sit inside without feeling crowded. The blind has a 69-inch shooting width and is 66 inches tall.

The blind has a  360-view . Three sides have windows that can be opened for shooting. The other side of the blind has the door, which can also be shot through.

For best results, you’ll want to set it up and leave it outdoors for about a day before use. This allows any manufacturing or storage smells to dissipate. Passing game will then have a harder time noticing the blind.


  • Fast, simple setup
  • Wind and rain resistant
  • Designed for both firearm and bow hunters

What we wish was different

In the woods, every noise (and lack of noise) makes a big difference. Unfortunately, two elements of this blind can be just a bit too loud. The  zipper on the door makes more noise than expected. However, using the zipper is optional.  Just clamp a piece of camo cloth over the open entryway to create a silent teepee-like entryway.

But the real noise issue is the large strips of Velcro used to secure the camo netting over the windows. Adjusting this netting creates a Velcro-tearing sound which will bounce around the forest and likely scare away most wildlife. The  best solution is to use clothespins  or similar items to adjust the height of the windows silently.

Two grown adults should be able to sit comfortably inside but standing up at full height likely won’t be possible. Unfortunately, the inability to stand can lead to a different issue. The windows are slightly too high for sitting bowhunters. You’ll likely have to sit forward in your chair at an awkward angle to line up your shot.

Finally, while the camo design is great, the blind has  no built-in straps for you to add real vegetation.  Adding real forest debris to your blind enhances overall concealment, and the inability to do that with this blind is disappointing.


  • Velcro on camo netting makes a lot of noise
  • Not enough room to stand if you’re over 5’6″
  • Low windows difficult for bow aiming

What other customers say

Hunters generally have positive things to say about the blind. Its ability to withstand harsh weather is well-documented. Misty M. says the material used not only keeps you dry, but the solid frame also keeps the blind upright in strong winds.

Another customer echoed these sentiments, saying the blind remained in great shape after weeks outside in heavy winds and snow.

While the lack of external straps is definitely an issue, many people found an acceptable workaround. Bob detailed how he set up the blind underneath a small tree. In this position, two doves walked past at 10 yards, and a buck walked past at 25 yards.

Many owners of this blind praised its  easy setup and excellent concealment.  Neil said it was his first blind and he was impressed with how he was able to set it up in just six minutes the very first time he tried. The next time his setup time was just three minutes.

However, people also frequently complained about the excessive noise caused by Velcro. Kelly said the noise could be hard up to 100 yards away. In her opinion, that made the camo screens on the windows practically useless.

Wrapping up

The Ameristep Care Taker is a great choice for a hunter on the go.  Setup takes about five minutes or less. Plus, with 360-degree visibility, you have a lot of flexibility with placement.

Plus, the Realtree Xtra camo pattern keeps the blind well concealed, especially in areas with more timber than greenery. However, attaching real foliage to the blind is difficult due to the lack of exterior straps.

But the biggest negative has to be the noisy zippers and Velcro window straps. They’re simply too loud and will likely scare away game. However, clothespins or similar fasteners can be a silent solution.

Despite the noise issues, hunters generally had a lot of positive things to say about the Ameristep Care Taker Ground Blind. It’s  portable, easy to use  and allows for versatile placement. As long as accommodations are made to help reduce the noise, this blind is a great choice for hunters who prefer to stay mobile when hunting game in the woods.

The Ameristep Care Taker is currently the #1 pick in our choices for the Best Hunting Blinds

Getting the Ameristep Care Taker

We highly recommend the Ameristep Care Taker and, unsurprisingly, Amazon usually has the best price. The table below updates every day with the latest price – check it out.

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Trey is a lifelong hunter and avid camper. He lives outside Denver, CO with his wife Kaci and their lab mix Ziggy. They spend as much time as possible outdoors - hunting, fishing, and camping.

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  1. Hello!
    I am an avid camper, not a hunter, and my most recent trip held me in the car with every heavy rainstorm.
    I recently visited a Cabela’s, & was shown this blind. I don’t like that it has no floor, but impressed with the roominess and protection from rain. When I remarked at the more expensive price for the same product, I was told that even tho their products were made overseas, they were made with stronger, more lasting materials, than, say, Walmart, for the same blind. Please advise.

  2. P.S.
    What is the difference between the basic, and the “XTRA”. I’ve looked and looked on Amazon and cannot find the answer….except “Xtra” is more expensive.


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