Ameristep Deluxe Two Person Hunting Blind Review

Ameristep’s Care Taker and Element blinds are two of their most popular products. But they’re not the best options for every hunter. If you’re looking for Ameristep quality, but don’t want their traditional spider hub blinds, check out their Deluxe Two Person hunting blind. It combines comfortable seating with expert concealment. Here’s a closer look at a type of blind you might not be very familiar with.

What We Like

Just because you’re using a blind doesn’t mean you have to sit on the cold, wet ground. This blind features a  two-person fold-out chair . You and a friend can sit side-by-side. There are even cup holders in each armrest!

Made from a blend of 50% polyester and 50% cotton, the blind is  60 inches high, 61 inches wide and has a depth of 52 inches . Although it’s compact, it manages to not feel cramped or crowded.

The main feature of the blind is the  large open window in the front . Aside from the main opening, six smaller windows circle the entire blind. You’ll have 360-degree visibility, although the back and sides will keep you almost wholly concealed.

Like practically all Ameristep blinds, this one has a Durashell Plus fabric shell with a ShadowGuard coating. When you’re sitting inside, you won’t project any shadows against the fabric for game to notice.

I especially liked how the top folds all the way over. Once zipped shut, you’ve got protection from rain, wind, and snow. Well, at least that’s the theory. I’ll discuss how effective the weather resistant features are later on.

When it’s time to move to a new hunting spot, the blind  folds down quickly . It folds down in an accordion style to help save space. You can then slide the blind into the included carrying case.

The blind is covered with Realtree edge camo. It’s a combination of browns, tans, and light reds. This camo style is designed for use in the fall around lots of wood and dried foliage.

Another feature I liked about this blind is that it’s just one piece and  requires no assembly . It’s ready to go right out of the box. Plus, the relatively simple design means there aren’t a lot of parts which can potentially break.

Pros Summary

  • Comfortable seating
  • Compact footprint
  • Easy takedown and storage
  • Fold-over top for complete concealment

What We Wish was Different

The compact design means it’s  not well-suited for bowhunters . You can only use firearms or crossbows when sitting in this blind.

The blind includes a carrying case with a shoulder strap. But don’t expect the case to last much longer than a season. The  strap isn’t particularly strong  and can detach from the case fairly easily. Even when it’s working, the thin strap dug into my shoulder and was decidedly not comfortable.

Wind is another potential problem. High winds can rock the blind around. Not only is this cold and uncomfortable but a flapping, moving blind is also easily spotted by game.

The comfort level of two people can vary considerably.  If you’re both on the larger side, be prepared to feel a bit scrunched together . I only used this blind solo, and two people sitting together seems like it’d be a tight fit, especially if you want room for a backpack or other gear.

Although the blind says it’s waterproof, there were still  some leaks around the seams . I found these leaks to be completely out-of-character for an Ameristep product. At first, I assumed my specific blind was damaged in some way. But, as detailed below, other buyers also had similar issues.

Finally,  I wasn’t thrilled with the door . It’s so low to the bottom of the blind that you have to get down fairly low to enter and exit. While hunting doesn’t have to neat and tidy, the idea of crawling through the mud just to get into my blind was a little annoying.

Cons Summary

  • Not a good option for bow hunting
  • Can be cramped with two larger hunters
  • Not a great choice for rainy weather
  • The case and strap leave a lot to be desired
  • Low door may be an issue if you have mobility problems

What Other Customers Say

People have a lot of positive feedback, but there are also some issues here not normally associated with Ameristep products. Many older hunters, as well as those who suffer joint or mobility issues, find the chair much more comfortable than sitting on the ground or in a tree stand.

Jennifer said she used to love to hunt from a tree stand but doing so today is too hard on her knees and back. She said sitting in this blind is a comfortable alternative.

The  easy setup and takedown  are also frequently mentioned. Mark found this blind to be great for hiking. He said he used it throughout deer season with no problems.

However, there are some potential issues, especially related to water. Kathie said water ran down the sides and dripped on her head, even with the blind completely closed. Colby said the seams on his blind weren’t sealed correctly, so water pooled in the bottom and covered his feet.

Another frequently mentioned problem involves noise. Mark H said adjusting his position in the seat resulted in a lot of noise from the material.

Wrapping Up

This hunting blind has some interesting features and benefits, but it’s also a niche product which not every hunter will find useful.

The  ability to sit is probably the biggest benefit here . It’s a comfortable alternative to sitting in a tree blind or on the ground. Plus, because it’s lightweight and easy to carry, this blind is a good choice for seniors or any hunters with limited mobility.

Unfortunately, the blind also has some issues which aren’t particularly common in other Ameristep blinds. Leaking is the main problem, so this blind  probably isn’t a good choice if you hunt in areas with frequent wet weather .

Overall, the Ameristep Deluxe Two Person hunting blind does have some problems. But it also has benefits which are hard to find in other Ameristep products. It’s worth consideration if you’re looking for a compact, easy-to-carry blind with comfortable seating.

The Ameristep Deluxe Two Person Blind is the #4 choice in our list of best hunting blinds.

Ameristep Deluxe Two Person Tent Chair Hunting Blind, Realtree Xtra
  • Large front and side zippered windows
  • 61"widex52" deep 20" high
  • Chair attached to blind

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