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With Spring right around the corner, I am patiently waiting for a chance to be able to get out and do some camping and enjoy the great outdoors again! Camping or backpacking can definitely take a lot of work and require some pre-planning to make sure you have everything you need. One essential that we don’t go camping without is a good, dependable camping cook set. 

When it comes to choosing the best camping cooking set, you may be unsure what you really need or what is convenient to have with you. In this guide, we will cover 8 of the highest-rated and best-selling camping cook sets. We will go over the contents of each of the sets listed, the capacity of the cookware, and its durability. We will list the pros and cons of each to help you determine what will be a great addition to your camping pack.

Let’s find the best camping cook set for you:

#1 Bisgear 12/16 Piece Camping Cookware

Overview: An easy to carry mesh bag that fits this set makes it an easy, organized addition to any pack. This set comes with an aluminum non-stick frying pan and pot, 4 stainless steel utensils, a mini stove with tripod holder, 2 BPA free bowls, rice ladle, sponge, carabiner and nylon bag. The Bisgear lightweight cooking set is perfect for camping, hiking, backpacking or any outdoor activities where a handy cooking set is needed. One to two people can be fed using this small cooking set. The pots and pans are fast in heat conduction, taking less than 4 minutes to boil water. A 100% money back guarantee comes with the purchase of this cooking set.

 Comes with both frying pan and pot
 Lightweight carry bag
 Quick cooking material
 Does not come with fuel canister
Amazon’s Customer Ratings: 4.5 stars (673 Customer Reviews)


“Small and easy to carry anywhere. The bag holds everything included. It’s great for camping or fishing trips!”

#2 Gold Armour 17 Piece Camping Cookware Mess Kit

Overview:  This 17 piece mess kit comes with a mesh bag to carry all of the pieces included. Gold Armour makes this kit a great addition to your camping or outdoor gear. The kit comes with aluminum frying pan and pot, 4 utensils, mini stove, 2 BPA free bowls, rice ladle, sponge, carabiner, nylon bag and fire starter. The mess kit is lightweight, durable and built to last and easy to clean.  Two people can be fed with this cookware. A  10 year warranty comes with the purchase of the product.

 Frying pan and pot included
 All pieces fit in carry bag
 Great for 2 people
 Does not come with fuel canister
Amazon’s Customer Ratings: 4.5 stars (378 Customer Reviews)


“A great set for compact travel cooking. I had water boiling in 2 minutes!”

#3 Stanley Camp 24 oz Cook Set

Overview: This cook set from Stanley makes a great, durable option for any camping trip. The cookware is made of 18/8 stainless steel that won’t rust. The vented lid allows you to cook over the grill or camp stove and a locking handle aids in cooking ability. Two 10 ounce insulated nesting cups are included with the stainless steel cooker. All products included are dishwasher safe. Stanley gives you a lifetime warranty with this product.


 Made from stainless steel
 Lifetime warranty
 Great for 2 people
 No utensils included
 On the heavier side for a cook set, weighing 13.8 ounces in all
Amazon’s Customer Ratings: 4.7 stars (1,272 Customer Reviews)


“A staple in the camping/backpacking world. Great product at a terrific price. I would easily recommend it.”

#4 Survival Hax 10 Piece Camping Cookware Mess Kit

Overview: Made from anodized aluminum, this mess kit from Survival Hax includes both a non-stick frying pan and pot. The whole kit weighs just under 1 pound, making it a lightweight packing option for camping or backpacking trips. In addition to the pot and pan, the kit includes 2 BPA-free bowls, 1 soup ladle, a spork, wooden spatula, cleaning sponge and carry bag. The pot and pan can be used with a campfire or portable cooking stove. The cookware can feed one to two people. 

 Lightweight and easy to carry in mesh bag
 Includes frying pan and pot
 Can be used over campfire
 Buyers state liquids leak from cookware
Amazon’s Customer Ratings: 4.0 stars (48 Customer Reviews)


“I love this compact cook set. Perfect for outdoor adventures! We cooked with it over the coals of the fire.”

#5 GSI Outdoors Halulite Ketalist Cookware

Overview: This durable anodized aluminum kettle can handle rough conditions and conducts heat quickly. An easy pour spout increases control and helps to reduce unwanted spills. In addition to the 1 liter capacity kettle, the kit includes an insulated mug, a bowl and a spork. Although GSI states that the kettle is intended for use over a stovetop, users state they continuously use it over a campfire and it works great. All included pieces fit inside the kettle and it comes with a carry bag for ease and convenience.

 Lightweight under 1 pound
 Easy pour spout
 1 liter capacity
 Buyers state handle melts when exposed to extreme heat
Amazon’s Customer Ratings: 4.7 stars (99 Customer Reviews)


“This thing is amazing. Well built, solid and super light design.”

#6 Toaks Titanium 1100 ml Pot and Pan

Overview: This super-lightweight titanium pot and pan combination comes with a bright orange easy carry mesh bag. The titanium material is made to be corrosion-resistant and long-lasting. The pot has a capacity of 37.5 ounces, while the pan can hold 9 ounces. The pan can be used as a lid to the pot or a separate sauce pan. The design of the pot allows for a fuel canister or mini stove to nest easily inside. Flame resistant handles make cooking over high heat safer and easier. The larger capacity of this pot is great for a larger meal for one to two people. 

 Lightweight at 6.5 ounces
 Can nest additional fuel canister
 Large capacity pot
 No utensils included
Amazon’s Customer Ratings: 4.7 stars (70 Customer Reviews)


“Awesome cooking pot. Lightweight and the perfect size for two people.”

#7 KEMP Travel Camping Cookware

Overview: This KEMP brand camping kit includes everything you need for 2 people to have a meal while in the outdoors. It comes with an anodized aluminum pot and pan with lid, 2 bowls, a soup spoon, stainless steel spork, wooden spatula, scrubbing sponge and fire starter that all fits in a nylon bag. The non-stick material of the cookware makes cleaning a breeze. The kit in total weighs around 1 pound, making it a fairly lightweight option to add to your camping pack. The cookware is made to be used with a stove top, as plastic handles may melt over the open flame of a campfire.

 Great for 2 people
 Lightweight design with carry bag
 Comes with pot and pan
 Not made to be used over open flames
Amazon’s Customer Ratings: 4.9 stars (31 Customer Reviews)


“I love this cooking set! I took it backpacking and it was the perfect size and easy to carry.”

#8 MSR Trail Lite Duo Cookset

Overview: This 2 liter capacity anodized aluminum pot makes a great larger capacity pot for 2 people to get enough to eat while camping or backpacking. This cooking set also comes with 2 color coded BPA-free bowls and 2 double-wall, BPA-free insulated mugs. The cooking pot’s lid comes with a built-in strainer, making it much more convenient to get rid of unwanted liquids with ease. Comparatively speaking, this camping cook set comes in a bit on the heavier side with a total weight of 1.35 pounds. Cooking over open flames can be done without the plastic lid, but to use it all, you may opt for cooking over coals instead.

 Great for 2 people
 Large capacity pot
 Strainer lid design for pot
 No carry case included
 Does not come with utensils
Amazon’s Customer Ratings: 4.7 stars (42 Customer Reviews)


“A great set for 2 people to take camping. A lightweight design that packs up nicely in the pot.”


That does it for our list of the 8 best camping cook sets. I hope that you find this guide helpful in making your decision to purchase your next camping cookware set. Overall, with any of the products listed above, you will find that each will be helpful and a great addition to your camping gear to make cooking simpler and easier in the roughest of conditions. 

Happy camping!


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Trey is a lifelong hunter and avid camper. He lives outside Denver, CO with his wife Kaci and their lab mix Ziggy. They spend as much time as possible outdoors - hunting, fishing, and camping.

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  1. Thanks Kaci! We decided on getting the Armour set. It has lasted us two summers and many more! Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. We love camping so thanks for the tips on which one to choose. Still deciding though. We are weighing our options on the best one but definitely will be one of these. Thanks kaci!


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