25 Deer Hunting Tips

Use these deer hunting tips to have a successful deer hunting season.

  1. Let the smaller bucks walk
  2. Use scent free soap
  3. Hunt during the rut
  4. Plant a food plot
  5. Use salt licks
  6. Check trail cameras regularly
  7. Don’t overuse scents & lures
  8. Be patient
  9. Harvest does for management
  10. Hunt the bottlenecks and funnels
  11. Silence your cell phone
  12. Don’t over call or grunt
  13. Use binoculars
  14. Keep rangefinder handy
  15. Deer move no matter the weather
  16. Use deer scent spray
  17. Bring snacks
  18. Don’t shoot if you’re not comfortable
  19. Watch the deer’s direction after the shot
  20. Use sharp broadheads
  21. Hunt downwind
  22. Let family know your location
  23. Camouflage your face – or ideally use a deer blind
  24. Store clothes in scent free bag
  25. Wear rubber boots instead of canvas

Follow these deer hunting tips and you should be able to harvest more deer and have a successful season year after year. Also, be sure to check out the video below for even more pointers!


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Trey is a lifelong hunter and avid camper. He lives outside Denver, CO with his wife Kaci and their lab mix Ziggy. They spend as much time as possible outdoors - hunting, fishing, and camping.

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