25 Deer Hunting Tips For Hunters

Use these deer hunting tips to have a successful deer hunting season.

  • Let the smaller bucks walk
  • Use scent free soap
  • Hunt during the rut
  • Plant a food plot
  • Use salt licks
  • Check trail cameras regularly
  • Don’t overuse scents & lures
  • Be patient
  • Harvest does for management
  • Hunt the bottlenecks and funnels
  • Silence your cell phone
  • Don’t over call or grunt
  • Use binoculars
  • Keep rangefinder handy
  • Deer move no matter the weather
  • Use deer scent spray
  • Bring snacks
  • Don’t shoot if you’re not comfortable
  • Watch the deer’s direction after the shot
  • Use sharp broadheads
  • Hunt downwind
  • Let family know your location
  • Camouflage your face
  • Store clothes in scent free bag
  • Wear rubber boots instead of canvas

Follow these deer hunting tips and you should be able to harvest more deer and have a successful season year after year.

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