D&Q 50″ Takedown Bow and Arrow Set Review

 Takedown recurve bows are among the easiest to use yet most convenient modern bows currently available, offering high strength capabilities that rival the compound bow and dominate against the low-tech longbow while also being easy to disassemble and transport. 

If you’re in the market for your first bow and have decided on a recurve, The D&Q Archery set should be one of your considerations.

 D&Q offers an affordable bow kit that you can use for target practice; the bow kit is under $100, allowing you to save money without necessarily compromising on quality. 

Today, we’ll take a look at this recurve bow set in detail to help you decide whether it’s a good fit for you. 

What We Like 

Firstly, you can purchase this bow set in various colors (black, red, silver, purple, orange, or blue) and in two different draw weights – 30 or 40lbs. This is a right-hand bow only with a left-hand orientation model not being offered at all. 

The package includes:

  • Bow 
  • A user manual
  • 6 fiberglass arrows 
  • 6 target faces
  • 1x arm guard 
  • 1x finger guard
  • 1x arrow rest
  • 1x bow sight
  • 1x bow stabilizer
  • 1x arrow tube

The kit came with instructions that were easy to follow, and the bow was easy to assemble and would be easy to assemble even without instructions, but since some customers report that the instructions are missing, do be mindful of this. 

The grip is comfortable, featuring a high-quality alloy bow riser that is ergonomically designed with rounded edges and a finished handle that will let you shoot comfortably for long periods of time. This is an overlooked area, especially if you want to practice a lot to improve quickly. 

 The parts are strong, and the bow is built to last, featuring an aluminum alloy riser and strong fiberglass limbs. D&Q assures us that all parts are quality tested and maximum durability is ensured.

The aluminum construction and fiberglass bow limbs make this bow lighter, which, combined with the well-designed riser and handle, makes this bow ideal for beginners. 

The arrow set that comes with it is of surprisingly high quality, and we didn’t experience any breakages during testing, as is often the case with these kits. The finger tab was basic but worked well and was overall good quality. 

The bow was easy to shoot and use, easily allowing for an accurate shot when target shooting, the bow felt slightly clunky, and the bow sight was plastic which is somewhat of a letdown. 

The bow length is 50”, which is ideal for those with a shorter than average draw length; most takedown recurve bows are around 60 inches, and the majority would need a recurve bow in the 60-62 inch range, so you can see it is quite a bit smaller than competitor models, though D&Q do offer some larger bows. 

This is an excellent first bow, particularly for teenage archers and petite women. However, it would usually be too small for you to use if you have average-sized arms. 

It’s up to you if you want to preinstall bushings or upgrade to another type of arrow. Potential upgrades available include fishing reels, arrow quivers, stabilizers, and more. 

It is easy to disassemble and collapse, which allows for easy transportation and storage.This is a perfect beginner’s takedown recurve bow and arrow set, particularly if you only intend on using it to learn archery as a beginner. It is ideal for a teenager who wants to practice with targets in the backyard, not so much for an advanced archer. 

The bow is very quiet, so it wouldn’t require a string silencer if noise is an issue for you. Overall, this is an excellent piece of kit with many great features and additions seen in archery kits at two or even three times the price. But, even the best products have room for improvement.

We named the D&Q set one of our top picks for the best recurve bows.

What We Wish Was Different 

While this bow is ideal for right-hand shooters, it is always disappointing when a company doesn’t provide left-handed archers. There is no left-handed option offered at all. 

 It was also frustrating to see that such a comprehensive kit regularly leaves out instructions for many customers and doesn’t come with a bow stringer as standard. 

This is significant because while experienced archers can easily string a bow, it can be very fiddly for a beginner archer to get to grips with; the inclusion of a stringer tool would’ve made a world of difference. 

While I found the plastic sight decent enough to use, it didn’t give off an impression of high quality and disappointed some customers. 

The size makes it perfect for those with shorter arms. However, it’s not an ideal bow for children due to the higher draw weights, and typically I’d advise you to stick with below 30lbs draw weight for a child’s first bow. 

However, despite being an avid participant in outdoor hunting, I would not recommend this product for bow hunting. While it is quiet, easy to use, assemble and disassemble, it falls short of the standards that I would expect from a hunting bow. 

What Other Customers Say 

We looked at some customer reviews on Amazon to try to understand what others thought of this kit. 

”Amazing buy… I would suggest buying more string because you’ll love it.

 Over 200 shots and nothing has broken or become loose since being put together … great for the beginner or novice wanting to brush up on old skills. ” Brandon G

 Had it put together in minutes as I wanted to know how it assembled before gifting it to my brother for his birthday. I read some of the reviews regarding a lack of instructions, but they must have realized this as mine had instructions with it. I bought the 30lb bow and was able to string it by hand with no problems. Very happy with the quality of the gift I will be giving. ” – Tony 

 Learner bow only. Included arrows are too brittle for the tension. Better ones will have to be bought. Do not use for hunting” – Greg. 

”The bow works and shoots fairly well, but the sights are not good at all, and it is a bit awkward to use. The item does not come with any instructions either. I had to assemble it off of the pictures only. I would not buy it if I could see it and use it first.” Stuart N

In Summary 

This is a comprehensive starter kit that contains the ideal bow for a starter, comprising of extras and features like a metal riser that can be seen on bows at higher price points.

Those who want a cheap bit of kit to play around within the backyard would be pleased with it. However, it isn’t ideal for those who are already initiated into the world of archery or those wanting an all-rounder that can be used for hunting or other activities. If you consider it for what it is – a cool Christmas present for a teenager rather than a serious bit of kit for hunting, then it’s a brilliant buy. 

It is cheap, which is a plus, and goes some way towards explaining why it’s not the best you can find. It is a decent bit of kit, though, and you’d be hard-pressed to find much better for less than $100.  [aawp box=”B0874P7YC4″]


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