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G•Outdoors, Inc. was founded in 2002 by Patrick Gee. They make hunting, fishing, and shooting gear and supplies from their Chino, California headquarters. Its mission is to create and manufacture the most innovative, highest-quality sporting products for enthusiasts.

G•Outdoors designed the GPS Tactical Backpack for use at gun ranges, competitions, or firearms training classes. Its purpose is to transport up to three handguns, and all the necessary accessories, to and from the range, hands-free with rapid access.

The first shooters to use range backpacks were USPSA and IDPA action shooting competitors. These competitors shoot multiple stages at their events, carrying their equipment. Over the past two decades, the range backpack has become more common at ranges and firearms classes, too.

Range backpacks like the Tactical Backpack are popular because they are lightweight, durable, and help you stay organized. A range backpack offers an attractive balance between capacity, ease of use, and mobility.

Here are the specifications and features of the GPS Tactical Backpack:

  • Dimensions: 16.5” L x 11.7” W x 12” H
  • DuPont Teflon-coated, 1,000-denier, heavy-duty nylon exterior
  • Available in Black, Digital Camo, Black/Tan, Tan, Gray, and Rifle Khaki
  • A 3-handgun internal storage system with room for magazines
  • YKK locking zipper for handgun compartment
  • Visual I.D. storage system
  • 4 outside zippered pockets (7 total pockets) for ammo and accessories
  • External bungee system for targets
  • Triple-stitched MOLLE webbing system
  • Pull-out rain cover
  • Internal honeycomb frame for rigidity
  • Padded waist strap for load stability
  • Hook and loop area for morale patch

What we like

The GPS Tactical Backpack has a lot of characteristics in common with other high-end range backpacks on the market, but it’s easy to see that G-Outdoors has refined and simplified the design. The Tactical Backpack is designed to be lightweight, portable, and offer excellent functionality for serious shooters. 

At 16.5” x 11.7” x 12”, or 2317 cubic inches, the Tactical Backpack is about 25% smaller than most competitor models and other range backpack offerings from GPS.

The bag is big enough to hold several days’ worth of ammo and accessories for one shooter, or enough for two shooters spending all day at the range. Most users reported that it is neither too large nor too small for these roles.

The Tactical Backpack comes in six different colors to match a wide variety of preferences, roles, and even duty uniforms.

After one look at the bag, you can tell it’s made to last a long time and wear slowly. The reinforced stitching and sturdy zippers match the quality of the other materials. GPS applies a coating of DuPont Teflon to the heavy-duty 1000-denier nylon exterior, which offers resistance to both dust and moisture. 

The pull-out rain cover is perfect for sudden downpours. Between the Teflon coating and the rain cover, this is the most waterproof range bag we’ve reviewed so far.

The YKK zipper for the handgun compartment is lockable, which some states legally mandate for the transportation of firearms. If you don’t live in one of those states (check your laws), you may still appreciate the lockable zipper as an added layer of security to combine with other methods such as locking gun cases, cable locks, and gun safes.

As opposed to other range bags designed for use in mundane settings, the Tactical Backpack is suitable for hiking or rucking to a remote destination. We have never seen a combination of features like the internal honeycomb frame, padded straps, and padded waist strap together on a range backpack, and we like the design for transporting guns and shooting accessories to rugged locations.

If you don’t take a dirt bike, ATV, or mountain trail to your shooting spot, the GPS Tactical Backpack still has plenty to offer you, as long as you’re a dedicated shooter. The three-handgun internal storage system has extra room for magazines and keeps guns fully protected during transportation.

Unlike most range bags, the Tactical Backpack has a minimalist and straightforward organizational system. Your handguns go in one compartment, and there are four more zippered pockets on the outside where you put your ammo and accessories.

GPS designed the “Visual I.D. Storage System” so you can know exactly where your gear is in the backpack, without needing to memorize the locations. The system has a small symbol for each common range item (like ear protection, eye protection, and ammo) so you or a shooting buddy can find it at a glance.

Beyond the seven total pockets of storage, GPS designed even more functionality into the bag. We appreciated the external bungee target storage system, which is an innovative way to transport rolled-up targets without the need to fold or crumple them.

The triple-stitched MOLLE webbing system opens up a whole world of options in the form of accessories from aftermarket manufacturers. Some users have reported carrying water bottles, rifles, and even personal coolers on the outside of the bag with MOLLE attachments!

What we wish was different

Some users thought the top handle, padded straps, and padded waist strap on the Tactical Backpack were overkill, but there are plenty of other range backpacks that don’t have these features if you prefer a simpler design.

 Some people prefer a more sizable range bag and said so, but GPS provides the dimensions on their website, so we don’t know why these individuals bought a smaller bag than they needed.

Three single-stack semi-automatic pistols fit into the backpack easily, but it’s a challenge to fit three thicker double-stack semi-autos like the Glock 21 or Beretta 92. Two double-stacks and one single-stack or revolver fit fine.

What other customers say

Ta has had his Tactical Backpack for over a year, and it’s still going strong with no frayed fabric or broken zippers. It’s his go-to bag for lugging around my pistols, and it isn’t showing wear, even though he doesn’t baby it.

CactusJoe says his GPS Tactical Backpack range bag is perfect. It holds all his guns, ammo, and range gear, and still has room for more. He hasn’t found any negatives, only positives. 

Wrapping up

The GPS Tactical Backpack costs more than the average range bag, but it’s economically priced compared to other range backpacks. It is a high-end range backpack with features you can’t find in other models. We are impressed by the features, organization, and simplicity of the bag. 

The GPC Tactical Range Backpack is currently our #4 pick in our list of best range bags.

If you’re a casual shooter who only goes to the range several times a year, you should consider a simpler and cheaper bag. If you’re serious about firearms and shoot hundreds of rounds in one visit to the range, you’ll love the Tactical Backpack.

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