Gunmate 1919687 Range Bag Review

Gunmate makes holsters and accessories for concealed carry, range bags, gun cases, firearms storage accessories, and hunting gear and accessories.

The Gunmate 1919687 Range Bag is an entry-level, budget-friendly range bag designed to transport one or two guns to the range along with necessary accessories. 

First, let’s take a look at the specs and features of the Gunmate Range Bag:

  • Measures 16” (W) x 8” (H) x 7” (D)
  •  Holds two handguns plus accessories (spotting scope, shooting glasses, ear protectors, ammunition, cleaning supplies, etc.)
  • Main compartment has removable hook-and-loop dividers 
  • Main compartment has dual zippers on roll-up flap for quick access 
  •  Two side compartments each include a padded pistol rug
  •  Lockable zippers on main compartment and side compartments
  • Steel hardware
  • Nylon black

What we like

The Gunmate 1919687 measures 16 x 8 x 7 inches, for a total of 896 cubic inches. While it is far from the roomiest gun bag or range bag on the market,the Gunmate has adequate room for one or two pistols, ammunition, and accessories for one or two shooters spending a few hours at the range.

The main compartment features removable hook-and-loop dividers, so you can create two or three sections to keep your gear organized. You might choose to stack ammo in one area, eye and ear protection in another area, and targets and related accessories in a third.

We liked the roll-up flap with dual adjoined zippers. Gunmate says this design allows for quick access, and it’s true. You can open the bag one-handed while holding it in the other hand, and it’s much faster and handier compared to a single zipper or two zippers that are not attached.

Gunmate designed each of the two side compartments to hold a full-sized pistol or service pistol, like a Glock 17, Sig Sauer P226, Beretta M9, or Colt M1911A1. The removable pistol rugs, which resemble a clamshell carrying case, are designed to protect and keep your guns secure while they are in the side pistol compartments.

We like the idea of keeping the guns separate from the main compartment because it’s better for both organization and safety. The side compartments are spacious. One user reported he was able to fit a Browning Buckmark .22lr pistol, with a 7” barrel, into a side pistol compartment on his Gunmate Range Bag.

The lockable zippers on the side compartments are a nice touch. Although they obviously won’t keep out a dedicated thief, the ability to use a lock comes in handy to keep acquaintances and young children from going through the bag.

Don’t rely on the zippers as a sole method to keep your firearms secured, but they can be one part of your strategy along with other means like gun safes, gun cabinets, and trigger locks.

If you use the Gunmate Range Bag for flying with your firearms, you can use a TSA-compliant lock on the zippers. If nothing else, it will keep the zippers fastened during the flight, and maybe keep unauthorized employees from opening the bag without cause.

 The zippers are rugged and durable, and the hardware is all steel. The Range Bag is made to last a long time under normal conditions. The black nylon construction is adequate for the task of storing accessories and taking firearms and ammo to and from the range.

We liked the structure of the bag: if it’s not full, or if it’s empty, there is no sag or “slump.” The bag retains its shape regardless of how full it is. One user reported that she was able to fit 4-5 pounds of .22lr ammunition (about 1000 rounds) into the bag, and it didn’t deform or bow when she carried it around.

The Gun mate 191967 is our pick for the most affordable option of the best gun range bags

What we wish was different

 Some range bags offer more pockets and different ways to organize your gear. Some people prefer that; if you do, you’ll want to spend a bit more for a different range bag. But if you prefer a more straightforward bag without unnecessary features, you’ll be happy with the Gunmate Range Bag.

The side compartments don’t expand. Anything you stash in the side compartments will create a bulge in the main compartment, meaning less room in the main compartment. If you don’t overstuff the bag, this won’t be an issue, but if you have a lot of gear, you may opt for a bag that’s larger than 900 cubic inches.

 The bag features a prominent exterior logo that says “GunMate.” Some users prefer a discreet gun bag, so they don’t advertise to neighbors and other people they encounter that they are transporting a gun around in a bag. Luckily you can remove the logo with a seam ripper.

What other customers say

Paul bought the Gunmate 1919687 range bag for his girlfriend as her first range bag, and she loves it. There is enough room for 2-3 guns and ammunition.

Acep51 says the Gunmate bag is excellent and functional in all regards. It’s the correct size to carry two handguns, ammo, and accessories and small tools you need at the range when you go shooting. He highly recommends the 1919687.

Dick bought a Gunmate Range Bag especially for his FN FNS-9 because he liked the large center pocket and two soft side pockets with gun rugs. He has since purchased another Gunmate bag for a Bersa Thunder and Kel-Tec P32, and recently bought a third for his AR-15 accessories (spotting scope and tripod), and then a fourth to gift to his son.

Scott from Michigan says the Gunmate 1919687 is a “great range bag” at a “great price point.” It’s the perfect size for the various materials and equipment he brings to the range, and he says the construction is excellent. 

Wrapping up

The Gunmate Range Bag is one of the most budget-friendly range bags on the market. For the price, we appreciate the construction, durability, and design. The Gunmate gets the job done and gives us little reason to complain.

It would be an excellent first range bag to give a new shooter. It would also make a great second, third, or fourth range bag if you have a lot of guns and want to spend your money on more practice ammo instead of a fancy range bag.

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