How Much Is A Deer Hunting License?

Deer hunting is an excellent sport and pastime; it’s something humanity has done for thousands of years. But there are more regulations to follow in the modern age. One key part of this is deer hunting permits. Your deer permit will allow you to enjoy game hunting, providing you abide by some rules and regulations. Various license types cover various weapon categories, methods, and exemptions. We’ll be looking at the core types of each state and the average costs associated with them.

Deer hunting license fees: All states

 Each state has its own rules concerning deer hunting and licensing. To enjoy the hunting season, you’ll want to ensure your license is approved and up-to-date in good time. Let’s look at the costs of a hunting license in each state. Additional discounts may apply for youth hunting licenses, disabled veterans, senior citizens, and military personnel on active duty. Some states may also include a lifetime license.


Alabama’s hunting license costs $28.50 and  includes all game, including deer and turkey. You must be 18 years of age, and some applicants may be required to take a hunter education course before approval.


The annual fees for an Alaskan hunting license are $160 for non-resident hunting licenses and $45 for residents. 


The annual fee for a hunting and fishing license in Arizona is $160. 


The cost of an annual hunting license in Arkansas is $350, but that entitles the holder to hunt with a muzzleloader, rifle, crossbow, or another type of archery. You can also hunt big game statewide.


The license fees in California are less clear-cut, with several categories. The most popular categories are as follows:

  •  Resident: $47 
  •  Nonresident: $164 
  • Junior: $12.45
  • Disabled veterans: $7.30
  • Recovering service members: $7.30
  • Duplicate hunting license: $10.50


To hunt deer in Colorado, you’ll need to pay a habitat stamp fee of $10.40, plus a processing fee of $9 and a residential hunting fee of $41. 


To purchase a license in Connecticut, you’ll need to pay $41 unless you’re a non-resident ($135) or applying for a permit in the youth category ($21).


A resident hunting license in Delaware will cost you $39.50. There don’t seem to be any published fees for youth or non-resident licenses.


 You’ll require a Florida hunting permit and archery permit to hunt during archery season. For a resident, a hunting license costs $12.50. Non-residents can pay $46.50 for a 10-day license or $151.50 for an annual license. 


Georgia has one of the cheapest hunting licenses available, with an annual license costing just $15. You could also purchase a one-day pass for just $5. 


The cost of a hunting license in Hawaii is $10 for residents and $95 for non-residents. All hunters are required to have one.


In Idaho, an adult hunting and fishing license costs $33.50 for a year,  though you can buy a 3-year license for $97. 


Resident deer permits (either sex) start from $15 for the year, but you may have to purchase additional permits depending on the deer you’re hunting (antlerless, etc.). 


In Indiana, annual hunting licenses start at $20 for adults. 


For a resident license with any sex tags, you’ll pay $33.50. Non-residents will have to pay much more, with non-resident habitat fees, hunting licenses, and tags coming in at over $600. 


You can purchase a resident whitetail deer hunting license in Kansas for $22.50. 


You can purchase a statewide deer permit for $35 (or $185 for non-residents), but some find better value with the sportsman’s license (a combo license), which allows for additions like small game, migratory game birds, and fall turkeys. 


You can purchase a big game license for $15 in Louisiana ($150 for non-residents). This combination license will cover you for deer, bobcats, or spring turkeys. 


In Maine, you can purchase archery-only licenses for $12 each and one expanded archery either-sex permit (allows either an antlered or antlerless deer but not both) for $32.00. 


Maryland advertises several license categories including:

  • Apprentice license ($10)
  •  Non-resident apprentice license ($20) 
  •  Resident license ($25) 
  • Nonresident 3-Day migratory waterfowl and small game license ($45.00)
  • Non-resident license ($130)

Apprentice licenses can only be held by those who’ve never had a license before.


A resident hunting license in Massachusetts is $26, and a non-resident license costs $98. 


Michigan has a multi-license system. First, you’ll need to purchase a base license for $11 (resident) or $150 (non-resident)  before buying a deer license, which starts at $20. 


The cost of an archery license in Minnesota is $34. Only for residents 18 years and above.


The cost of a sportsman license  in Mississippi (which covers hunting with primitive weapons)  is $45 for adults. 


A firearms permit for deer hunting is $17, and an  archer’s permit is $19. 


The cost for a resident deer hunting permit is $10, and a non-resident will pay $15. 


Nebraska is particularly friendly for young hunters, with youth permits starting at just $8 and adult permits starting at $18. 


You can only purchase a combination license in Nevada, which will cost you $75 as a resident  or $155 as a non-resident. 

New Hampshire

A standard hunting license costs $33; a special  deer archery license costs $26. 

New Jersey

New Jersey has a zone-specific system with  single-zone permits costing $28 (adults) or $12 [/su_highlight]and $24 (youths).

New Mexico

The cost of a game hunting license starts at $65. 

New York

A resident big and small game license is $29 in New York, and a bowhunting license for deer for senior citizens is free if you buy the big game license. Otherwise, it’s $21 with a big game license.

North Carolina

A comprehensive hunting license includes deer and big game; it will cost you $265 and allow you to hunt statewide for everything that’s not a bear.

North Dakota

A firearm deer permit starts at $50, but you’ll need to earn this license via a lottery. Not all applications are guaranteed. 


To hunt in Ohio, you’ll need to pay a $19 (resident) $180 (non-resident) fee, plus the cost of your deer permit, which starts at $31.20. 


Resident deer permits start at $20 in Oklahoma,  irrespective of license category (muzzleloader, archery, etc.).


An annual hunting license will cost you $34.50 if you’re a resident and $172 for a non-resident. 


A basic adult hunting license, including one deer tag, costs $20.90 in Pennsylvania.

Rhode Island

Rhode Island is a popular hunting destination with non-residents, as it costs just $45 for a non-resident permit. A resident combination license costs $38. 

South Carolina

A big game permit is required to hunt deer in South Carolina and costs you $18. 

South Dakota

South Dakota has a zone-based permit system; the cost of your permit will vary accordingly. Permit costs start at $40. 


You’ll need to pay $34 for a big game license in Tennessee.


Texas residents can purchase a hunting permit for $25. 


In Utah, an adult hunting license costs $72. A youth hunting license starts at $29.


In Vermont, you’ll need to purchase a basic hunting license for $28 plus a deer license for $23. 


As an adult resident, you’ll need a hunting license and deer license in Virginia. These licenses cost $23 each. 


To hunt big game in Washington, you’ll pay $85 as a resident and $780 as a non-resident. Youth can purchase a license for $40.

West Virginia

In West Virginia, a deer permit will cost you $21 as an adult. 


In Wisconsin, deer firearm and archery hunting permits are the same prices. You’ll pay $24 for this permit.


A resident deer license will cost $42 in Wyoming,  non-resident youth costs $110, and non-resident adults will pay $347. 

Wrapping up

You’ll have a lot to consider when you decide to hunt, including licensing requirements. The fees listed here are for deer permits and hunting permits. Additional permits such as National Forest Permits may be required , or you may be asked to meet other requirements such as obtaining a hunter education certificate. Regardless, stay safe and enjoy your foray into the world of hunting!

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