Husqvarna 24 in Utility Axe Review

Husqvarna is a Swedish manufacturer with a long history dating back to the 1600s. They’ve worn many hats as a company and changed hands several times, but today they primarily deal in power tools such as chainsaws, brush cutters, tractors, mowers, outdoor multi-tools, and more. One particularly great offering is their 24-inch steel multipurpose axe, which is currently available on Amazon for $80.

The product details are as follows:

  • Weight: 3.09lbs (2.2lb axe head)
  • Handle: Fiberglass handle
  • Item dimensions: 23.6 x 7.2 x 1.6 inches
  • Color: orange and black

What We Like

 Right away, the high quality of the materials used to craft this axe was apparent . The axe head is comprised of stainless steel, and the composite handle is made of fiberglass; overall, the axe is well balanced and swings well. If you’re a traditionalist that prefers a wooden handle, I had my worries, too, primarily weight distribution. But I’m pleased to say they were unfounded. The 24-inch handle is sturdy and feels like it can take a beating.

 The cutting edge is big enough for wood cutting and felling small to medium-sized trees. It’s a multipurpose axe that I’ll keep in my truck for weekends and emergencies.

The heavy steel axe head performs wood splitting like it was born to; I barely needed a second swing. The substantial handle length is sufficient enough to allow you to get a good swing going, too. But it does include built-in overstrike protection to prevent you from damaging your axe.

 The steel is tough and doesn’t roll or chip easily, and the cutting edge holds its form.  While I did need to sharpen it a fair bit before I could use it, it held its edge so well that after more than a few dozen heavy-duty uses, I haven’t needed to resharpen it. I’d also consider using it for construction/landscaping projects I have planned.

Whether chopping wood for kindling or felling a fallen tree, you’ll have a comfortable experience. The contouring and rubber grips ensure that you don’t drop the axe by accident, and it’s also a comfortable tool to use. Many heavy axes out there have a poor grip or cause discomfort/straining, and this isn’t one of them. 

If you live in California, you’ll also be glad to know that it includes Proposition 65 labeling. 

While it’s not the most portable for campers, its bright color means that if you use it as a camp axe, you won’t have any worries about losing it and can quickly find it in an emergency.

 Husqvarna is a trusted brand that offers a lifetime warranty, so you have total peace of mind. Their products are made in Sweden, and I’ve never known Husqvarna to have any issues with quality control. While you could find an axe for less than $80, it probably won’t be as sturdy as this.

What We Wish Was Different

There are only a couple of minor criticisms that I can mention. The first is that the axe was pretty blunt when it arrived  – I had to give it a good going over with a whetstone before it was ready to use. This seems to be a common problem. The trade-off is that it also holds its edge very well, so I can’t complain too much.

 It’s also quite heavy if you were looking for a portable camping axe, but the weight does allow it to do things that a lightweight axe can’t manage. You can’t have an effective splitting axe without a bit of weight.

Overall, there are no significant complaints about this product.

What Other Customers Say

To really understand this hatchet, we’ve taken a look at some of the Husqvarna 24’s product reviews online. Most of which echo our findings.

 “This is the toughest axe I’ve ever seen. Without doing some silly “destruction tests” on it, I’m confident that it will hold up to any conditions I will ever experience.

I like axes and have several and enjoy using them, this next bit is my own personal opinion, coming as it does from what I’ve found to be my favorite axes.

 The angle of the bit of this axe is quite wide, almost to the point of being a splitting axe. I would expect in a timed trial test against a regular axe to see that this axe required more effort with less wood cut. But then it’s a trade-off: the wider angle makes this axe much less prone to damage. (and by the way, this axe is very blunt as it comes to you, it must be sharpened)

Normally I use a 26-26.5 inch handle on my axes, the shorter handle on this axe felt cramped but workable. But definitely not a favorite.

This axe comes with a blade guard/carrying handle. The guard is a nice bright color (hard to lose) but it is so overdone, I think it must have been designed by a committee.

This axe will go into the box of emergency stuff I carry in my truck. Although I’ll never love it, I think I can depend on it in an emergency.” – Oldie M.

“Great axe, has built in front guard overstrike protection. Perfect mid range size and weight. Good also to keep in vehicle for emergencies . Fantastic axe for preppars, hunters etc. Orange color makes it easier to find in case lost in field.  Good zombie insurance.” Barbara A.

“Great splitter for small stuff, great for driving felling wedges,. Edge needed some attention to make it sharp enough to chop. My other axes out chop and drive deeper, but it will make due in my chainsaw belt” Joshua A.

 “Well built, weighted, and rugged enough to be used and abused all day long. Cut over a hundred trees since I got this axe and it stays on my side ready for every wedge.” – Harls.

Wrapping Up

The Husqvarna 24 in Utility Axe was picked as the best mid-size axe in our list of best bushcraft axes

Husqvarna is a reliable company with an excellent reputation for a reason, and they offer excellent customer support and a lifetime warranty. The 24-inch utility axe has many great features, including a substantial 2.2lb axe head and durable fiberglass handle. Customer reviews reveal a popular emergency axe that happens to be recommended for preppers and survivalists. 

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