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When visiting KastKing’s website, you’ll see that their mantra is “affordable innovation”. The company seeks to provide high-quality products to anglers at a fraction of the cost. The company is relatively young, having been in business for less than six years. KastKing offers numerous products, including fishing reels, rods, and lines as well as tools, apparel, and combos.

The KastKing Royale is a quality product intended for budget-conscious anglers. This product is one of the cheapest reels we’ve reviewed on our site. Does this make it cheap? Or do customers receive incredible value when purchasing this product?

Let’s begin by first analyzing the specs of the KastKing Royale Legend Baitcast Fishing Reel:

  • Ten-level dual brake system
  • 7:0:1 brass gear ratio
  • 12 ball bearings
  • The reel provides 17.5 pounds of drag
  • Weight = 7.5 ounces
  • 28 inches per turn
  • Line Capacity = 10/195, 12/165, 14/125

What we like

Where do we begin? This product is impressive and easily compares with higher-end models from companies such as Abu Garcia and Daiwa. The critical difference, of course, is the fact that this product costs significantly less. Customers can purchase the Royale Legend on Amazon for less than $40. The value that customers receive when buying this product is extraordinary.

First and foremost, the product comes with 12 ball bearings. This is practically unheard of for a product that costs less than $50. Additionally, the ball bearings are resistant to corrosion. Not only does not make for smooth casting, but it also provides incredible product durability. Customers won’t find themselves having to replace the $40 reel every couple of months. These products last.

The Royale Legend also features a brass gear structure and carbon fiber drag system that provides 17.5 pounds of drag. During testing, we found that this reel could pull in large fish without much strain or tension. Our team was quite impressed with the fact that the cheap, compact unit performed so well. The Royale Legend weighs approximately 7.5 ounces. 

This product also features state-of-the-art dual brakes. The centrifugal is quite reliable. The product also has a magnetic brake system, providing anglers with pinpoint accuracy. While most professionals would likely find themselves skeptical of a product that was so affordable, we believe this product is tournament-ready and could hold up against raised stakes.

The spool on the Royale Legend is CNC-machined, cross-drilled anodized aluminum. This is one of the primary reasons why the reel is so lightweight. This is particularly beneficial after a long day on the water. Users’ wrists won’t feel fatigued after handling the spool all day. Additionally, anglers can use either braided or monofilament line with this spool.

Anglers can use this product for a wide array of fishing needs, including trout fishing, bass fishing, and ice fishing. Although KastKing has only been operating for a couple of years, we believe they are a company worth taking seriously. Their products have disrupted the industry immediately, having won awards at the International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades.

No matter if you’re looking to get started using bait casters or have considerable experience on the water, we feel the Royale Legend is worth your consideration. Don’t be fooled by the price point. Just because the product is cheap does not mean it is any less durable. KastKing also offers a one-year warranty if you find yourself dissatisfied with your purchase.

The KastKing Royale is one of our top picks for the best baitcasting reels

What we wish was different

Honestly, there’s not much wrong with this reel. The one significant complaint we had was that requires substantial maintenance in saltwater. KastKing states that the product is best suited for freshwater, although it can withstand saltwater from time to time. However, customers will need to put significantly more maintenance and care into the unit after using it in saltwater.

Another slight issue is that KastKing does not oil the product very well. Customers need to place significant oil on the spoil and bearings for it to work correctly. Since it is so affordable, there’s a good chance that beginners will find this product most intriguing. Having to deconstruct and oil the reel could prove challenging to those unfamiliar with a bait caster.

Lastly, we had some issues when casting heavier lures. Our lines bird-nested once or twice when we did so. Having to correct a bird’s nest could again prove challenging for beginners. But this was rare, and we’re splitting hairs by even mentioning it in the review. For a vast majority of fishers, this product should prove more than satisfactory.

What other customers say

NewEnglander appreciated the Royale Legend, saying that he had been trying to learn to use a bait caster for years and it wasn’t until purchasing this product that he mastered the art of how to do so. The reviewer indicated that it was easy to get a handle on this product and that it quickly resulted in increased accuracy. The reviewer said he’d gladly purchase this product over more expensive options.

ItsJustPauly said that the Royale Legend far outperformed the Abu Garcia reels he had used previously. The reviewer stated that he was looking for a bait caster backup but that the Royale Legend quickly became his primary choice. He said that the KastKing model had fewer backlashes and that it cast further and featured smoother reeling than the Abu Garcia products he owned.

Finally, Terry N. remarked that this was the best reel she had ever used. She described the coil as “smooth as silk” and said it was right up there with other top-of-the-line products from companies such as Abu Garcia, Lews, and SHIMANO. Terry noted that she used both fluorocarbon and braid on the Royale Legend without issue.

Wrapping up

Anyone looking for a baitcasting reel will want to consider the Royale Legend from KastKing. We have never seen a reel that provides so much value. For less than $40, customers can gain access to a top-of-the-line reel. The only downside is that those who fish in saltwater will need to put considerably more maintenance into the care of this product.

KastKing Royale Legend High Speed Low Profile Baitcasting Fishing Reel
  • THE KASTKING ROYALE FAMILY - Select a low profile versatile KastKing Royale Legend 7.0:1, or WhiteMax 5.3:1 Low Gear Ratio baitcaster, or an amazing super lightweight all carbon KastKing Stealth 7.0:1 fishing reel and match it to a peak performance carbon graphite KastKing Royale Legend fishing rod for a fantastic KastKing Baitcasting Combo!
  • UNMATCHED – Precision cut brass gear structure (high-strength aerospace grade aluminum precision gear in the Stealth) and carbon fiber drag system delivering 17.5LBs/ 8KG of drag offer the ultimate in a high performance low maintenance baitcasting reel package.
  • PROVEN - We use only the highest quality, anti-corrosion shielded ball bearings to produce the smoothest, quietest casting reel you’ve ever held in your hand. These 11 ball bearings combined with our instant-stop one way bearing clutch delivers long, accurate casts and lightning fast hook sets.
  • TOURNAMENT READY – Experts and pro anglers will appreciate the multi-level, dual braking system for fine tuning and obtaining the longest possible casts. Anglers new to casting reels will rely on the dual brake system to avoid over runs and lost fishing time. Our dual brake system utilizes a 4 pin, internal friction brake that when combined with our powerful 7-magnet, externally adjustable magnetic brake, provides for the ultimate in fine casting control over a wide range of baits and conditions
  • Performance Defined – Only the finest components are used to deliver professional level performance. Hard forged brass/aluminum gears, aircraft grade aluminum spool, high grade comfortable EVA knobs and braid resistant ceramic line guide insert ensure that these casting reels will be your trusted partner every time you hit the water.

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