Millennium Treestands M150 Monster Hang-On Review

Millennium Treestands are known for their comfort throughout America and Canada. These treestands are engineered for hardcore hunters looking for trophy animals from sunrise to sunset. They let the most cynical hunters test every weld, hinge, and angle under extreme conditions for durability, silence, and comfort. They’re manufactured to be light, durable, quiet, comfortable, and secure.

Their innovations are the first of their kind, and no other stand compares. You’ll hunt longer and quieter in a treestand. Millennium makes ladder stands, portable stands, ground chairs, and associated accessories.

Millennium built the M150 Monster Hang-On Millennium treestand for those that need more than average seat heights. The ComfortMAX seat is adjustable from 16 inches to 20 inches high off of the platform. This treestand also has side straps and a full backrest for secure comfort. Other features included are:

  • Meets or exceeds the Treestands Manufacturers Association (TMA) industry standards
  • Powder coat finish that’s durable
  • 300 lbs. capacity
  • Weighs 19.5 lbs
  • Platform is W 24” D 37”
  • Seat size is W 20” D 17”
  • Seat height is 16”-20”

What we like

This treestand is built for someone taller or bigger and maximizes comfort. Customers will tell you that there are other nice ones out there, but Millennium’s are even better.

The seat height is adjustable and it’s adjustable with trees that lean up to 15 degrees. Adjusting for tree configuration is an excellent feature that many people commented on. It’s not just for tall people. The seat adjusts down for smaller people. We’ve found that this treestand really is comfortable for all-day hunts.

Each treestand includes a patented ComfortMax tight sling seat that’s contoured and exclusive to Millennium products only. Even if you’re a large person, you’ll still be comfortable in the M150 Monster. Some compare this treestand to the recliner in your living room.

It comes with a large platform and SafeLink is included. SafeLink is a 35-foot rope with a carabiner and Prusik knot. It’s engineered to help you safely ascend and descend from your treestand. The large platform and fold-up seat provide bowhunters with ample flexibility and room for their shots. It’s also comfortable for people with large feet. There is an optional shooting rail (M101) that gives hunters using a gun a solid rest to use.

The M150 Monster includes a full-body harness and backpack straps. The seat folds up, so you can take those standing shots and it folds flat for carrying on your back. One feature that we really like is that you can have several pre-hung brackets in different spots and just move the treestand to these locations. It makes owning multiple treestands unnecessary which is very convenient and cost-effective.

It’s made from aluminum making it very light. You can carry this stand further in the woods because of its lightweight. We were impressed with how easy this treestand is to set up. Some people advised that they needed to put the stand together, but this was relatively easy to do and didn’t take long.

What we wish was different

There were very few complaints about this product. Some people complained that the ratchets didn’t function properly, and they had to rebuild them. They worked well when they fastened the stand to the tree but when they took it down the rachets wouldn’t release. The rachets had to be taken apart, and they had to file the pieces to remove all of the imperfections keeping the ratchets from releasing.

There were some who thought that the seat was too big and that it became an impediment to their hunting. When standing it was necessary to step towards the front of the platform to allow room to lift the seat up out of the way. Also, once the seat is hung, the hunter can’t touch the tree behind them and use it as a reference point when he or she is standing.

What other customers say

James says that while it made noise initially, the treestand just took some time to break in. Afterward, he couldn’t get it to make any sounds. The seat was comfortable, and he was thrilled with it.

Ken explained in his review that he had always been a ladder stand guy, but he wanted more flexibility, so he purchased the M150 Monster. He admitted that when people said it was the most comfortable stand, they weren’t lying. Hanging it was simple, and it was easy to adjust and level. Ken said that it was extremely comfortable for long periods of sitting. 

Robert H. loves these treestands so much that he owns 3 of them. They’re easy to hang, sturdy, and quiet. The comfort is second to none. While this isn’t for the hunter that hunts from a different spot every time, it’s great for someone who owns their own land. You can buy more receiver locks for these treestands and move them to different locations easily.

Gnhuntn illustrates just how popular these stands are as he has 7 of them. He says he’s a big guy and that they are the most comfortable stands that he’s ever owned. The platform is large and very secure.

Ed M. advised that this is the best hang-on treestand that he’s ever used. He has three, and they are his go-to treestands because of how safe and comfortable they are. The critical seams are secure, and he has great confidence in the construction of these stands. It’s excellent, safe hunting.

Final thoughts

The M150 Monster is an immensely popular treestand for comfort during long hunting days. Anyone can use this stand, but it’s really engineered for larger people. The extra-large platform and the ComfortMax tight sling seat make it feel like you’re sitting in your living room in a recliner.

The SafeLink safety rope provides extra security and comes with a safety video. This treestand is really for the hardcore hunter looking for a trophy animal or someone who is just really an avid hunter. It has ample space for flexibility and obtaining the perfect shooting stance. Almost all customers were delighted with this stand, so it’s an incredible treestand to purchase.

Millennium Treestands Monster Hang-on Treestand
  • A MORE COMFORTABLE WAY TO HUNT: Bagging that deer sometimes require spending hours up in the trees. The M150 Monster Hang-On tree stand is designed with comfort in mind featuring a comfortMAX height adjustable seat with a full backrest.
  • SAFELINK: Millennium is committed to hunter safety, which is why we designed SafeLink, a 35-foot rope with a Prusik knot and carabiner. Designed to aid in safely ascending and descending from hang-on and ladder stands.
  • LARGE PLATFORM: Having the room necessary to position yourself properly for that shot is important. So we made sure the seat folds up out of the way allowing plenty of room. Whether you're hunting with a rifle or bow, you’ll have plenty of space.
  • SMART CONSTRUCTION: The M150 is built from rugged aluminum and features a durable powder coat finish. It’s designed to be easy and quiet to set up. It can even be adjusted for trees that lean up to 15 degrees which expands your site options
  • MEASUREMENTS: Built to hold up to 300-pounds. The platform measures 24-inches wide and 37-inches deep. Seat size is 24-inches wide and 20-inches deep. The seat is adjustable from 16-inches above the platform to 20-inches.

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