Rivers Edge Relax Wide Ladder Stand Review

Headquartered in Cumberland, WI, Rivers Edge Treestands sells a variety of treestands, hunting pods and blinds, and accessories. They consist of fabricators, designers, hunters, and engineers who are experts in the industry. These experts come together to design and manufacture some of the highest quality products.

 Ladder stands are excellent options to get elevated for a good view of the terrain around you. You can enter them quietly, so you won’t disturb the wildlife that you’re watching. They also help carry your scent further away. 

When looking to buy a ladder stand, there are several factors that you should consider. Sturdy construction is critical as this reduces the noise that treestands make. The last should be that it’s safe and easy to climb.

Ladder stands should lock to the tree from your location on the ground before you climb and secure the stand. The stand you choose should also allow you plenty of room to enter and exit the platform as well as move around with ease.

They should be bolted together as this type of construction provides more strength and eliminates excessive noise. Your stand should also assemble easily with simple tools. Anything complicated is going to cause more frustration than it’s worth.

Rivers Edge is known for its ladder stands specifically. Their single-person ladders stands are unique to the purpose that they serve in the field. Gun hunters and bow hunters who prefer different heights can all find a Rivers Edge 1-man ladder stand that fits their specific needs. Rivers Edge considers all of the factors listed above and they craft their stands with those needs in mind.

The RE631 is a relaxed wide 1-man ladder stand that provides wide lounger-style seating. This treestand is efficient and very light. It’s ergonomically designed for comfort for those all-day hunts where you’ll be in a treestand for an extended amount of time. There’s more room to relax, so this ladder stand makes your hunting experience even better. Here are some other product specifications and features:

  • Lightweight at only 54 lbs
  • TearTuff mesh seat with a backrest
  • A padded, removable shooting rail
  • Durable
  • Silent and comfortable seating
  • Platform size is 23.5” x 12”
  • Shooting rail height 16’ 8”
  • Height to seat 15” 2”
  • Seat height 18’
  • Capacity 300 lbs
  • Includes a full-body harness

What we like

There’s a lot to like about Rivers Edge and these treestands. All of their treestands are manufactured with high-quality materials and are tested at their headquarters for durability. They understand that hunters need secure and reliable equipment that makes them feel safe. This allows them to focus on their surroundings and the hunt. All of their products meet the standards set by the Treestand Manufacturer’s Association (TMA). 

We like that the treestand has crossbeams and a padded armrest to add stability for taking the perfect shot.  The shooting rail can be moved out of the way quietly for anyone that wants to shoot without it.

The stand also resists rust reasonably well. People reported leaving this stand-up all year without having any problems with rust.

The RE631 is definitely designed for comfort and priced well. People that own this stand love how they are manufactured with the hunter in mind. It’s evident that hunters helped in these designs. Even though it requires two people to put together, it assembles with relative ease. The stand also meets peoples’ expectations when they receive it.

What’s also great is that it is comfortable for hunters who are larger and taller than average meaning anyone can use this tree stand. Even people with back problems reported feeling comfortable enough to hunt from this stand all day.

What we wish was different

The RE631 is heavier and more cumbersome than some treestands. You need to move it in two sections, and it takes two people to attach and install. This treestand was not made for one person to carry into the woods on their own. Especially if they must walk a long way to their hunting spot.

The seat is also a little small for the stand and was more difficult to attach than anticipated. The removable shooting rest may not be secure enough for those that want more stability. It could make people feel insecure when perched in the stand or shooting from it.

To secure the ladder brace against a tree it comes with a rope, but it was not heavy duty. Those that feel it isn’t adequate could use a tow strap like the one included, securing the stand to the tree.

What other customers say

Sarah M. bought this treestand and said that it was well-made. The tow strap provided to secure the stand itself to the tree was great. She found the stand easy to use and comfortable. 

Angela C. also loved the comfort this stand offered. She agreed that the cross strap for securing the stand to the tree was adequate and secure. It made it easy to climb the tree and finish installing the treestand without feeling unsafe.

JM explained that he had several of these stands and they provide excellent value for the money. He liked that it was a comfortable stand to sit in for an extended amount of time. Another plus for him was the removable shooting rail because it’s not so high that you can’t shoot a bow without leaning over.

GoAngus was happy with his purchase. He described the stand as the “MAC daddy” for relaxing. He’s around 6’ tall and 280 lbs. and fits comfortably in the stand.

End thoughts

The Rivers Edge RE631 is a comfortable ladder stand for people of all sizes. It’s well built and sturdy, supplying a secure shooting platform for any hunter. 

Rivers Edge takes pride in crafting its products with quality materials for maximum durability. All of their stands meet the industry standards as set forth by the TMA.

The lounger-style seat offers comfort for the all-day hunter. The shooting rest is removable, so it can be used for extra support to achieve the perfect shot or removed for those that prefer to shoot without it. This ladder stand is well worth buying.

Rivers Edge RE631 Relax Wide Ladder Stand,Black
  • Comfortable, ergonomic TearTuff mesh seat and backrest for all day hunting
  • Padded armrests and shooting rail
  • Crossbeams under seat provide added stability
  • Included Components: Safety Harness
  • Material Type: Steel

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