Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow Review

Samick Sports is a Korean company that represents one of the leading brands in the USA. Since being founded in 1975, they have taken on a central role in the archery market. They produce a range of bows, including recurve bows, hunting bows, and other archery equipment. 

The company’s bows are high quality and are made for stability, speed, and smoothness. We’re always on the lookout for the best recurve bows here. 

Today we’re going to take a look at one bow in particular – the Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow.  

The Sage is a popular takedown recurve bow with multiple draw weights offered from 25lbs up to 60lbs, making this suitable for hunting in addition to target practice. 

We think that the Sage knocks all other bows of the same price range out of the water. Let’s take a more in-depth look at this excellent bow. 

What we like 

The first thing we noticed was how easy the bow was to assemble; everything fit together perfectly. If you’ve ever put together a recurve bow, you can figure this step out effortlessly. It was a painless process that took us under 10 minutes and gave us a sturdy feel usually associated with much more expensive bows.  

 The range of draw weights makes this a versatile product that is suitable for nearly everyone that could even be used for hunting larger game.

The riser of Samick sage recurve bow is made of oak, hard maple, and dymondwood; making it look smooth and stylish. However, more importantly, it makes the bow more comfortable to grip and wield.

There are different ways to shoot recurve bows.  You can even add on more advanced accessories such as an arrow rest, bow sights, silencers, and stabilizers. The Samick Sage bow allows for this with pre-drilled holes. You can add as many as you like – it’s at your discretion. 

The pre-drilled mounts also allow for a bowfishing rig to be installed on the front of the bow, if you wanted to take up bowfishing you could even install cameras on the front to record your hunts. 

The reinforced limb tips on the Sage allow you to shoot what is known as a fast flight string or ff. This type of string is better because it has less flexibility and lasts longer. Only bows with reinforced limb tips can take the strain of these upgrades. 

 The limbs are highly durable and practical, with an attention to detail not usually associated with a bow of this price range; as they are coated with black fiberglass. You can also upgrade the bowstrings.

In addition to the above, the Sage is also available in both right-hand and left-handed variants, which is another point for versatility. Speaking of versatility, with such a varying draw weight from 25lbs to 60lbs (increasing in 5lb increments) the Samick Sage is suitable for all manner of things, from a beginner archer using it for target shooting all the way up to hunting larger game if you’re a bowhunter. The range of weights also makes it suitable for teenagers, women, and those with lower upper body strength as well as beginners.

Speaking of versatility, despite being incredibly sturdy the limbs connect to the riser via self-screwing bolts, which means you can replace the limbs yourself by simply turning the screws manually. You don’t need complex tools to take it down. This also serves to make it easy to upgrade and customize, as well as transport and takedown on the go if you’re a hunter. 

We named the Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow our top overall pick for the Best Recurve Bows

What we wish was different 

Despite the fact that assembly was incredibly easy for us, there was an issue that we identified.
It’s not brilliant that there were no instructions provided in the box, while it was very self-explanatory and could be easily figured out by an intermediate archer if this is your first bow then you may have quite a learning curve to actually assemble this. 

In addition to that, beginners should invest in a bow stringer as this isn’t included, and stringing a bow by hand can be a bit difficult if you’ve never done it before. 

While versatile and offering lots of draw weights, the bow itself only comes in one bow length option – 62 inches. It’s not a huge problem as this will be sufficient for the majority of shooters, if you’re particularly tall or have long arms this could be an issue for you.

If you’re a keen hunter, it should also be noted that this bow is fairly loud and could scare off prey. Again, it’s not the end of the world because you can invest in a string silencer but it is certainly something to take note of. 

What other customers say 

Let’s take a look at some Amazon reviews to see what others are saying about the Samick Sage. 

”I used to shoot archery at camp 25 years ago, but haven’t really shot since then. The internet seems to think this is the best entry-level bow and I have to agree. And while I’m no bowyer, I am  very impressed with the build quality and love the fact that the limbs are interchangeable so I don’t need to buy a new bow if I want to go up or down in weight. Very happy with the purchase and expect to be using this frequently and for a long time.” – PSHep123 

”I’ve been shooting bows for most of my life. About 45 yrs. Went compounds and wanted to get back to the basics 29 yrs later. Bought this one because of positive reviews and low price. If I didn’t want to continue I’d just gift it to a family member. But I’m going to keep it for myself. It’s a great bow. I have several brand name recurves now. Some cost 8 times the cost of this one. And…this is still my go-to bow most of the time. Whether you want to just shoot in the yard or hunt. It’s capable of both. ” – David 

”I’ve been shooting this bow for a while now. Honestly, it’s my first bow and my only bow. And the only bow I will ever need. I haven’t shot at any game yet, but this year will be the one. With that said I’ve been target practicing every day with it. I ditched that dinky plastic little arrow rest that comes with the bow, completely useless. I had to buy a felt and rubber rest from an archery shop. And you’ll want an expert to install the nock point for you. This bow may need a little work, but for around $100 you will have an affordable hunting tool.” Samuel P

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Wrapping up

In conclusion, this is an excellent beginner bow and throughout this Samick Sage review, we hope to have demonstrated to you that this is an excellent, cost-effective bow for beginners and experienced archers alike. Though assembly may prove to be a challenge for some beginners. 

 It is versatile and has an array of changeable features and draw weights that make it suitable for beginners and hunters, too. Though if you want to use it for hunting it will need some adjustments such as a string silencer. Overall, it is considered the best piece of kit you can purchase in this price range.


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