TIDEWE Recurve Bow and Arrow Set Review

TideWe is a company that was set up by passionate Whitetail deer hunters in Western Wisconsin; their mission is to “create, innovate and devote ourselves to providing outdoor enthusiasts with a better, more comfortable experience in the field.” 

We’re always searching for the best recurve bow sets, so today, we’re going to look at TideWe’s recurve bow and see how it performs.  

What we like 

First of all, this ergonomic bow was easy to assemble with the bow and arrow set coming with a stringer tool to help you put the bowstring on your new bow properly. 

TideWe includes several additions that are often overlooked by their competitors, helping to prove their promise that customer satisfaction is their primary concern.

Instructions are also included, meaning this is a painless process taking only a few minutes. 

 The kit also includes six carbon arrows with removable tips, a finger guard, arrow rest, and removable bow limbs for easy storage and transportation, in addition to a practice target.

The bow riser features a unique design, and it is completed with rounded edges, making it comfortable to hold and use. This is particularly important if you want to use your bow to practice for longer lengths of time. 

 The bow comes with pre-drilled brass bushings for various potential upgrades and attachments, such as stabilizers, bow fishing reels, arrow quivers, etc. 

In terms of versatility, this is the ideal archery set for most people, including teenagers, youths, and those needing practice, as you can purchase it in 20-50 lbs draw weights (increasing in 5lb increments) with a standard 29″ max draw length, this bow will be suitable for almost everyone.

TideWe’s Recurve Bow features a reliable wooden core and strong fiberglass limbs. On top of this, the bowstring is made of 16 strands of dacron, making it easier for you to hit your target.

In addition to offering easy assembly, the bow is also an easy-to-disassemble takedown recurve meaning it’s great for those with limited storage space and ideal for being transported around via a backpack. 

Overall, this product is high quality and offers bang for your buck, being among the best takedown recurve bows in this price range. This isn’t particularly suited as a hunting bow and is geared more towards target practice, but it is still a brilliant product in its own ways. 

We selected the TideWe Recurve Bow Set as our budget pick of the best recurve bows.

What we wish we could change 

Overall this is a great little beginner kit. However, there are some issues we identified. 

Firstly, the carbon arrows included with the kit are prone to cracking at the nocks, rendering the broken arrows unusable. For such a sturdy bow, it was disappointing that the arrows were so unusually weak. 

Left-handed shooters won’t be pleased by the fact that this model is seemingly only available in right-handed orientation. 

While versatile and offering an array of draw weights, the bow itself only comes in one bow length option – 62 inches. It’s not a huge problem as this will be sufficient for most shooters; if you’re particularly tall or have long arms, this could be an issue for you.
Takedown hunting is gaining popularity, but this bow isn’t ideal for hunting and should instead be recommended for target shooting.

The advertised brace height was 7.5 inches; however, we found the actual brace height to be around 10 inches, though this isn’t a massive issue. The string wasn’t particularly high quality, which was disappointing however this isn’t the end of the world because it can easily be switched out for a better quality one. It would be infinitely easier if it just came with a better string. 

Despite providing an all-encompassing kit for beginners, one more minor complaint is that there is no arm guard included. With that said, they do have a finger tab, so it’s not all bad. 

What other customers say 

We’ll have a look at some Amazon Customer Reviews to see what others think of this product. 

“How refreshing to finally find a great bow at a good price on Amazon. I bought this for my 11 year old and, she’s already hitting the target at 50 ft. A very high-quality bow, beautiful riser, excellent limbs, clean bushings, no dings or defects, unlike other companies I have bought bows from on Amazon. The details make all the difference on this, such as the excellent quality of the string, which comes all waxed up and sticky as it should, not dry. It’s also nice to have the arrow rest, sight, etc. included.” The Ark Builder 

 4 out of 6 arrows cracked at the nocks, and of course, the nocks are lost as a result. Now, this wouldn’t be a big deal if they lasted for tens of shots, but the first cracked after the first shot, another two within three shots and the 4th after about eight shots. That was pretty disappointing.
Sure I can get new nocks and new arrows cause cracked ones don’t seem like the way to go. I just wish that all six would have made it through the first 10 minutes of shooting.
I might also have understood if I’d been hitting trees or rocks or some such, though I’d expect the tips to be wrecked too, but I wasn’t.
If just one cracked I wouldn’t care, but 4/6 is pretty bad.” – Enfarious 

”Overall, I don’t think you can find a better bow for $120 bucks, bar none. It shoots pretty well, if not a little loud. Mine had a small amount of twist in one limb, and after inspection, I found it is actually the limb pocket. Not too bad, it is minor and the bow shoots fine. As some others have said, the string it comes with is utter garbage. It is a very thin “endless loop” type, and standard nocks on my wood arrows were too big.

I typically use a 14-strand flemish string, and since I make them myself, was able to twist up a new string. If you don’t know how to make strings, though, be warned. I would just buy an aftermarket Fast-Flight flemish string when you buy the bow (59″ string, or 62″ AMO), toss the factory string in the garbage. Anyway, I also purchased 40# limbs, and they appear to be from a different plant. Markings are different, as well as the fit and finish. Be aware this bow is made in multiple plants and rebranded, so you may get some variation from bow to bow. There are many places on limbs and riser that it is obvious it is a $120 bow, but you get what you pay for. ” Joshua K 

“Love this bow. It’s very comfortable in the hand and feels well balanced at full draw. It shoots the arrows faster than expected. I wanted to get into a recurve but didn’t want to spend a lot of money. So, I’m extremely happy with it and can’t wait to get my first deer with it. And it’s a beautiful bow as well!” Sooner10 

Wrapping up 

This is one excellent archery recurve bow for those needing a right-hand orientation; it is also ideal for beginners (particularly teenagers) and provides a high-performance experience at an incredibly reasonable price. 

It is a user-friendly, high-quality beginner’s bow and ideal for outdoor training practice and the array of draw weights means basically anyone can use it. This is one of the best pieces of kit that you’ll be able to find in the <$150 range.

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