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WEYLAND is a growing outdoors company that promises to provide excellent quality tools at a low price. The owner, Ryan, is easy to get in contact with, which is a great perk if you need a little extra help. The online social media channels are small, and the company looks to be in its infancy. But, it’s still worth taking a chance on its products.

While WEYLAND is known for its machetes, the product we’ll be looking at today is the WEYLAND Survival hatchet, a quality camping hatchet. The item specifications are as follows:

  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Item weight: 27 ounces
  • Size: 15.75 inches

What We Like

There is a lot to like about this neat little survival tool. When opening the package, I could see that this was a sturdy piece of kit. It’s a full tang axe with a nylon sheath. It has multiple edges and would be perfect for splitting kindling, and it’s a great little camping axe. 

The cutting edge was sharp enough when it arrived that I could try it out without sharpening it first.  The ergonomic handle made it one of the most comfortable axes I’d tried in a long time. It would make an excellent chopping axe as repetitive use for chopping wood shouldn’t be a problem. It also has the perfect proportions for a tactical tomahawk axe. Overall, though, it shines as a camping axe. It’s perfect for carving wood and bushcrafting, too. It’s designed to be a multifunctional and versatile axe.

It’s a decent size for a tactical hatchet, but it’s very lightweight (27 ounces); it’s ideal for taking on the go for outdoor activities. It comprises a 4mm thick axe head made of a single piece of high-quality stainless steel. The axe head measures around 5.5 inches.

Another thing that makes it convenient to use is that it is MOLLE compatible. Used by armed forces worldwide, MOLLE-compatible products are among the easiest to carry around tactically. For this reason, prepping enthusiasts should consider it an essential part of their survival kit or bugout bag. You can clip it to your belt or pack, too.

 This small axe is made of quality materials and serves well as a multi-purpose assistant on your outdoor adventures.  The weight distribution between the handle and the axe head is well balanced, meaning it’s easy to strike accurately whether you’re splitting wood or throwing it. If you’re looking for a full tang hatchet, you won’t find it much cheaper out there. But one thing that is more valuable than that is the excellent customer service available. The company owner takes a personal interest in all clients and is easy to contact. This kind of on-the-ground customer support is a rare find.

What We Wish Was Different

There is a lot to like about the WEYLAND survival axe, but there are a few gripes. Firstly,  while the products are designed in the USA, they’re made in China, contributing to the poor quality control that we’ve seen mentioned in customer reviews. I’ve noted a few complaints of the handle becoming loose or damaged or the blade having defects, which is a shame.

It should be noted that while WEYLAND doesn’t seem to offer a lifetime warranty like some of their competitors, Ryan, and his team seem committed to providing good customer service and resolving complaints fast.

What Other Customers Say

To get a good feel for how this axe performs, we’ve looked at what others think of this small axe.

“I would’ve given it 5 stars but it says Made in China. Otherwise, the company itself is amazing. I’ve had Ryan reach out to me twice and I never complained or anything. I’m happy with the product, but more happy with the company and how they stand behind their product and offer a survival pdf. I personally didn’t need it, but it could be very helpful to others. I would definitely recommend this ax and for the price should well more than exceed your expectations. I just wish it was Made in the USA!” AC.

“The axe is about exactly the size you’d think it’d be. It feels sturdy, it’s sharp, and has a nice hard, light greenish tan plastic grip. Has nice weight distribution between the head of the axe and handle. I really like the sheath a lot as well. Sturdy, stitched well together. For the price, it’s a no-brainer for your bugout bag. The only thing I can’t comment on yet is its strength and how long it will stay sharp before it’s time to sharpen it. But from what I see, it’s a good one!

I’m not familiar with this company but it seems like they take pride in their work when designing these things. Also, the axe came two days earlier than what Amazon told me. That’s pretty rare, and they deserve the credit.” – Quentin

“I was very happy with this product. The only thing I would do is wrap the handle in Paracord or grip tape. Doesn’t slide out your hand at all but chopping quarter logs you feel it in your palm more. Other than that it’s a great axe for the $. I have had similar items usually broke at the neck or the blade was crap. This axe came with a shaving sharp blade very sturdy and looks bad ass. I would recommend others buy this as a great outdoors or camping hiking axe.” – Dylan

“Great little bushcraft axe, good value for money.” Steve.

“Sturdy tool or one heck of a weapon. This meets my standards. Appears to be decent steel. Blade is sharp and easy to maintain. I like the multi angles of the blade, allows to use blade at different angles . The sheath is a bit tricky getting the hatchet out. I highly recommend this. If you found this item in REI you would expect to pay three times the amount.” Gary T.

Wrapping Up

The WEYLAND survival hatchet was picked as the best MOLLE-ready hatchet in our review of best bushcraft axes.

If you’re looking for a nice little addition to your survival gear, or a new camping tool, you should give this axe a try. It’s a heavy-duty multitool with several cutting edges, and it can be used for a variety of things, from a trusty camping axe to a tomahawk axe. The quality control could use some work, but WEYLAND is clearly committed to customer retention.

WEYLAND Survival Hatchet & Camping Axe with MOLLE Sheath - Small Tactical Bushcraft Camping Axes & Hatchets for Splitting & Chopping Wood, Kindling Splitter for fire, Throwing Tomahawk, Camp Hand Tool
  • Our Survival Axe with Sheath is MOLLE ready & attaches well to a backpack / bugout bag so its easy to carry while your hiking, backpacking or camping.
  • This Camping Axe is a great small axe as a kindling splitter & camping hatchet. Having multiple cutting edges - with this hatchet camping is a breeze.
  • Use it for a splitting axe or hatchets for chopping wood. This axe tool not only makes a good Survival Hatchet, but the perfect bushcraft axe as well.
  • Our camping axes & hatchets are a good outdoor wood axe to have around Camp as a chopping axe or even as a tactical throwing tomahawk... just incase!
  • These survival axes and hatchets are perfect for carving wood for shelters, traps & bushcrafting. They're designed to be the most versatile hand axe.

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