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X-Stand Treestands are known for their premium treestands. They have a diverse product line of ladder stands, climbing treestands, hang-on treestands, climbing systems, shooting benches, tripods, ground blinds, and other items associated with hunting. They’ve invested a lot in their exclusive technologies that make their treestands and accessories unique.

The Comrade 18’ is a reliable and safe 2-person ladder stand. It uses its patent-pending Jaw Safety System that provides extra stability to the stand. When you’re in it, you’ll never have to worry about your safety in this treestand thus allowing you to concentrate on hunting.

This treestand is different because it has a V-Shaped platform and seating arrangement that offers an exceptional hunting experience. Two Comfort-FleX mesh seats make this treestand very comfortable for two people. Padded armrests and a shooting rail provide extra comfort and reduce noise in the stand. Other specs and features are:

  • HeliX tubing
  • Stealth silencers
  • Weather Defender Powder Coat
  • Weight 125 lbs
  • Weight capacity 500lbs
  • Stand height is 18’ to the shooting rail
  • Seat size 19” W x 16” D
  • Platform size 73” W x 18” D and curved

What we like

We love that X-Stand thought of the full hunting experience when designing this treestand. They included a center console so that accessories and equipment are easy to access. There are also cupholders to make it easier to retrieve your drink.

There are 2 separate shooting rails, so each hunter has their own independent platform to shoot from. The padding and camouflage covering aid in making the hunting stand more discreet for its size.

Like their other treestands, the comfort, and technology are unparalleled. These stands have self-lubricating nylon washers to reduce noise. The HeliX Tubing is easy to grip and adds durability and strength to the structure of the ladder stand.

The Safety System is unique to X-Stand. It consists of steel jaws that dig into the tree when you are assembling and lifting your treestand.  The clamps are installed from the ground making the process safer.

The seats are contoured to your body for the perfect fit and ultimate coziness. They provide support and the ideal perching spot to hunt for hours in luxurious comfort. The mesh seating is resistant to the elements.

Traxtion Control technology provides enhanced grip on the foot platform to eliminate slipping incidents. The Weather Defender Powder Coat is a powdered coating that provides a no-slip texture and protection from the weather.

There’s also X-Force, the technology that expanded the metal foot platform making it more durable. It enhances traction, safety, silence, and strength.

These stands are extremely solid and crafted from the highest-quality material. You can be confident in their construction knowing that you’re safe in the air. This ladder stand also comes with 2, 4-point safety harnesses with Suspension Relief Devices (SRD).

This stand is a great one to bow hunt from because of the extra room and stability. There’s plenty of space for two hunters to fit comfortably.

X-Stand included many of the elements that hunters look for in the Comrade. Its sturdy construction provides ample stability and reduces noise. The Safety System can be implemented from the ground making this stand safe to install. It’s easy to climb the ladder since both feet can stay on the rung at the same time. It’s spacious and easy to assemble.

What we wish was different

One of the downfalls of the Comrade ladder stand is that it’s heavy and requires more than one person to assemble and install. It may even take 3 to 4 people. Don’t wait until the last minute because this stand may take some time to put together and lift into the tree.

The Comrade 18’ is also expensive but those who’ve purchased it say it’s worth the price. This stand has features that others don’t offer, but the cost may deter quite a few people.

 Someone who is short may have to stretch to reach the rungs on the ladder because of the spacing between them. This problem will be exacerbated if someone is fully dressed in cold weather hunting gear.

What other customers say

Michael F. said that he was able to install the Comrade with one other person with help from the Guide Gear Ladder Treestand Installation Hoist System. They attached the stand to the tree before they ever climbed up to the platform. Michael stated that he actually danced on the platform to test it and it was soundless and solid. He was excited to hunt that season and recommended this ladder stand to everyone that wants a 2-person stand.

Alittlesteph advised that this was a great treestand to hunt with a bow from since the platform was deep and secure. The wide seats were comfortable for sitting long periods. She loved the cupholders for convenience. The stand has a strong stabilizer system and tubing. She expects to hunt from that stand for many years, and they even chained it to the tree to prevent theft.

Bobby J. simply said that it was a great stand but really heavy. There were a few design tweaks that he would make.

Ajanes10 said that it is literally a massive ladder stand with a coffee table in the middle of it. It’s the perfect treestand if you need a large space. The Jaw Safety System is also very safe.

Final thoughts

The X-Stand Comrade 18’ is one of the most comfortable 2-person ladder stands on the market. It allows two people to have their own space to shoot from with plenty of room. The unique V-Shaped platform gives each hunter a different vantage point.

The center console with cupholders is convenient and makes it easy to reach your gear. X-Stand invested revolutionary technology in this treestand from the Jaw Safety System to the HeliX tubing to the Stealth Silencers.

This ladder stand is safe, quiet, durable, and reliable. It’s weather resistant because of the Weather Defender Power Coat. It has everything you need to settle in and wait for that trophy animal as long as you need to.

X-Stand Treestands The Comrade X 18' Two Man Ladderstand, Black
  • Features the jaw safety system allowing you to secure it from ground level
  • Features an exclusive 73" w x 18" d, v-shaped platform for the ultimate hunting experience
  • Two independent seats, 10" w x 16" d
  • Helix oval tubing for added strength and durability, easy to grip
  • Center console for easy access to accessories.CONSTRUCTION: Steel

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