Trey is a lifelong hunter and avid camper. He lives outside Denver, CO with his wife Kaci and their lab mix Ziggy. They spend as much time as possible outdoors - hunting, fishing, and camping.


Best Deer Hunting Blinds

Deer blinds are one of the most important aspects when hunting. Every hunter knows that you must stay concealed in order to make your next big kill whether it’s a huge deer or a pair of mallard ducks. You don’t want to lose a chance at that monster buck, do you? In this article, we’re …

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The Best Hunting Boots

Need a good pair of hunting boots but not sure what is best for you? When it comes to making the right decision, you want to consider tread, insulation, dryness, comfort and durability. In this article, we will go over some of the best hunting boots on the market. Having a good pair of hunting …

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Rimfire vs. Centerfire Ammunition: What’s the Difference?

Even if you’ve spent your entire life around firearms, there are things about guns and bullets that you might not know. This lack of knowledge is nothing to be embarrassed about, however, as it’s never a good idea to pretend you know more than you do when guns are concerned. For example, many gun enthusiasts …

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Hammock Camping Tips

You’ve been enduring the pains of camping with a tent for long enough. Tents are difficult to carry, and they are a pain to set up. Plus, you’re stuck inside of a plastic box. Luckily, you have the option of hanging a hammock between two trees. Pick up the right gear to make your next …

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The Importance of a Bear Canister

In the world of camping, few images conjure up more fear than that of a bear visiting in the night looking for scraps. This potential danger has led most National Parks around the U.S. to lay out some very specific rules and guidelines for how to stay safe when camping outdoors. One such suggestion is the use of a bear canister or bear vault. …

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The 7 Must-Have Rifle Accessories for Every Hunter

Firearm accessories can make a huge difference in your performance as a shooter. While they won’t improve the accuracy of your firearm, they will make you more accurate. The right accessories will also help you to learn such critical components of accurate shooting as eye relief, trigger control, and shooting positions. In this article, we …

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 How To Get Started with Fly Fishing: A Short Guide

Fly fishing is an immensely rewarding, relaxing, fun activity that anybody can enjoy. Few things are as rewarding as reeling in your first trout – and then devouring it at the dinner table. In this guide, we provide a brief introduction to fly fishing. We’ll identify what gear you need, give an overview of fishing …

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The Best Fishing Times

Experienced anglers know that with the right equipment, technique, and a hot fishing spot, it’s possible to reel in a catch at any time of the day and night. However, there are times of the day and months and days of the year when fish are more active and likely to bite. Here we’ll give …

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