Hiking Clothes: What to Wear Hiking (…and what not to wear)

Whether you’re planning a weekend hike or a lengthier excursion in the great outdoors, wearing the wrong hiking clothes can …

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How to Prepare for Winter Camping

Winter camping isn’t just for hardcore outdoorsmen. With the proper equipment and planning, winter camping allows campers to get outside …

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10 Tips & Tricks for Camping in the Rain

Even if you love the great outdoors, there’s no denying that Mother Nature often has her own plans for your …

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How to Break in Hiking Boots

Hiking is an excellent way to stay in shape, explore the world around you, and enjoy nature. Of course, as even …

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How to Waterproof Boots – 3 Best Ways

When you’re hunting, hiking, or exploring the wilderness, it’sNot only will iton your trek, but it will also help you …

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The Importance of a Bear Canister

Have a safe camping experience In the world of camping, few images conjure up more fear than that of a …

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Camping Checklist: What to Bring Camping

You did it! You got all the family together, set the date, and the start of your camping trip is …

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How to Fix Tent Poles: Tent Pole Replacement & Repair

There’s nothing that can stop a camping trip in its tracks quite so fast as when your tent poles are …

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This Is How to Build a Campfire

If you’re new to camping, one of the first things you’ll need to learn to establish yourself as an outdoor …

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3 Cool RV/Tiny House Projects

Tiny house living has become aover recent years, with more and more people making the transition to a simpler, more …

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How to Use a Compass

The compass is the one survivalist tool that just won’t die. Relying solely on Earth’s magnetic fields, the compass When …

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How to Waterproof a Tent

Whether you are new to camping or a seasoned veteran, sleeping in a wet space is never fun. Surprisingly,While nearly …

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Hammock Camping Tips

You’ve been enduring the pains of camping with a tent for long enough. Tents are difficult to carry, and they …

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Poisonous Berries & Plants to Avoid

Summer is a great time to plan a family camping trip. You get to observe nature and become one with …

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The Complete Guide to Solo Camping

There are few better ways tothan by communing with nature while camping. For those growing tired of their day-to-day routines, …

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Camping with Kids: The Ultimate Survival Guide

Kids love camping. From tents and fires to marshmallows and beef jerky, there are many reasons to bring young children …

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Camping for Beginners: A Newbie’s Guide

Camping is easily one of the most fun and relaxing activities available to individuals, families, and friends. Not only does …

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TSA Approved Multi-Tool: Rules & Options

When jumping on board a plane, there’s no way around facing the Transportation Security Administration, or TSA. Notorious for confiscating …

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How to Choose the Right Sleeping Pad for Your Tent

Many campers are unaware thatThat sudden chill you feel in your sleeping bag when you wake up in the middle …

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