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Trout Fishing Rigs

Trout fishing is an activity enjoyed by many anglers. According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, trout fishing is …

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How to Land Big Fish in a Kayak (Without Flipping the Boat)

No one likes their kayak to be flipped, and this goes double for fishermen that might have tons of equipment …

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How to Nail Carolina Rig Fishing

When it comes toThe Carolina Rig isand it still brings great results thanks to the lazy behavior of bass and …

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How to Spool a Spinning Reel

Many beginner fishing enthusiasts haveFollow our guide for afor how to spool a spinning reel that you can turn to …

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How to Use a Baitcaster Reel

Baitcasting reels have been in use since the 17th century and have a long and storied tradition behind them. But …

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How To Get Started with Fly Fishing: A Short Guide

Few things are as rewarding as reeling in your first trout – and then devouring it at the dinner table. …

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5 Crappie Fishing Tips

There are few things better than hitting your favorite creeks, coves, and canals for a day of crappie fishing. Whether …

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Fly Fishing for Bass: A How-To Guide

Bass fly fishing is an incredibly popular sport, and for many good reasons. Not only are largemouth bass thebut they …

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5 Bass Fishing Tips for Beginners

but if you’re just starting out, you might feel a bit overwhelmed by the wealth of information circulating around the …

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6 Essential Fishing Knots for Beginners

Have you recently started fishing for fun, but want to up your knot game before your next fishing trip? With …

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Types of Catfish and How to Catch Them

If you’re new to catfish fishing, know that this type of angling is both challenging and fun. If you’re just …

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Bluegill Fishing Tips

You can find bluegill inThey range in size from seven to 16 inches. To catch larger bluegill fish, you must …

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The Complete Guide to Drop Shot Fishing

Drop shot fishing isn’t a new sport, but in recent years it’s grown in popularity because of publicity in tournaments …

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4 Types of Fishing Lines and How to Decide Which One to Use

In the angler world, the type of fishing line you use is just as important a factor in success as …

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Understanding the Different Types of Fishing Reels

If you’re a frequent recreational angler, it’s likely that you already know what reels are and how they work. With …

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Bowfishing Beginners Guide

Bowhunters and fishing enthusiasts have a lot in common. They love the outdoors. They’re passionate about the chase. They’re patient, …

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How to Catch a Brown Trout

Originally descended from European waters, over time, brown trout have been transferred to rivers and lakes around the world. In …

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The Best Fishing Times

Experienced anglers know that with the right equipment, technique, and a hot fishing spot, it’s possible to reel in a …

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