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PSE Archery is a large Arizona-based manufacturer that supplies an array of different archery equipment for many different purposes, being one of the largest suppliers of bows for hunting and sports purposes.

Archery is a growing hobby; if you’re new to archery, it is a good idea to invest in a bow set/kit versus a standalone bow. 

When looking at kits, the PSE Archery Pro Max came to our attention, and we know that enlisting the help of a well-known company like PSE Archery is usually a pretty good idea. Today we’re going to take a detailed look at this recurve bow package and see what other customers think of it, too. 

What we like 

This is an all-inclusive and easy-to-use kit that promises to provide everything you need to get started, ideal for beginners and intermediate users. 

When purchasing, we were pleased to see that both left-hand and right-hand shooters are catered to. Many models only come as a right-handed bow.

When the bow arrived, it was well packaged and easy to assemble. Beginners shouldn’t have any trouble with this in general. 

The kit is comprehensive and comprises the following. 

  • Recurve stringer 
  • Finger savers 
  • Armguard 
  • Plastic stick-on rest
  • Adjustable sight
  • Carbon arrows
  • Archery recurve bow

PSE has gone to the effort of providing useful, high-quality extras while maintaining its position as the provider of some of the lowest-cost bow kits on the market. However, some parts of the gear fell short of our standards, which we’ll discuss in the next section. 

The kit is also suitable for various people coming in bow lengths from 54 inches to 62 inches and draw weights that range from just 15lbs all the way up to a 60lb draw weight. 

Children can start with a draw weight of around 15lbs easily, it is rare for a kit to cater to lower weights like this, so this is a big plus for us. PSE Archery is clearly thinking of all of its customers and ensuring accessibility for everyone. 

 Upgradeable limbs mean that you can upgrade your initial draw weight to your specification without much trouble if you outgrow your initial draw weight. The fiberglass limbs have a maple core, meaning they’re durable and built to last too. 

Thanks to pre-installed bushings, you can add other extras like sights, stabilizers, risers, upgraded arrow rests, etc. You could also upgrade it to be used for bowfishing. 

The bow was easy to use and fired fairly accurately, barring an issue with one of the provided arrows that we’ll touch on later. 

The bow string is quiet, and while this is perhaps best for target practice, it does have sufficient quality to be used as a hunting bow, and some customers report success with this. 

The minimum poundage for hunting big game is around 40lbs; however, you could use this bow as a novice hunter looking for smaller game. 
This lightweight takedown bow is easy to disassemble and take around with you, so that is a plus if you’re looking to start hunting. 

For the preppers among us, it is so easy to store and transport that you could even add it as an addition to your “bug out bag.” 

Overall, this is a great bow and arrow set that was easy to use, barring a small issue or two. 

We selected the PSE Archery Pro Kit as our choice for the top left-handed kit in our picks for the best recurve bows.

What we wish was different 

The first issue is that while there are instructions provided, they’re not very clear at all. Some of the instructions don’t make sense and seem like a clunky translation; while we didn’t have issues constructing the bow, some people might, especially as this kit is geared at beginners. It was simple. 

Although we built the bow with no issues, firing the provided arrows was quite a challenge. 

Unfortunately, the feather fletchings became stuck several times during testing, which means I couldn’t efficiently/accurately aim, which led to us concluding that you’re better off setting aside the provided arrows and buying new ones. While this isn’t the end of the world, it was disappointing for such a great kit. Thankfully, quality arrows aren’t expensive, and many archers prefer fiberglass arrows anyway. 

 The arrow rest provided may be somewhat flimsy, and you might want to consider upgrading. 

There weren’t any other issues that we noticed, with there being many more pros than cons. 

What other customers say 

We’ve taken a look at some customer reviews on Amazon to see what other customers think of this takedown recurve bow. 

“Okay, so I’m a beginner at shooting the bow just so you know but there are a few flaws. For one the instructions aren’t clear. They were very vague and had to YouTube how to put it together and string it. The problem with that was people in different videos were putting it together differently, so that made me more confused.

 Anyway, I eventually got it together. The arrows aren’t made that well, I’d shoot them and the orange tip would stay hooked on the string. The arrow rest is also a little flimsy. Other than that it’s a great bow to start with and learn. I’ve been having fun with it.” – Keisha S 

”I love the bow. Pretty well crafted and easy to set up. The packaging was a little rough and the arrow notches are just a tad bit small for the bow. Other than that, shoots great and was definitely a good purchase.” J C

“I’m very new to archery. My husband wanted to learn so we decided to each get a bow and learn together.
The strap to help you string this bow is the best! I couldn’t string the bow without it and it made me feel better knowing I wouldn’t have to rely on someone else to string it for me.
 If you intend to hunt I would suggest checking your state laws as 25lbs isn’t heavy enough in my state to take hunting. I’m currently not planning on hunting so it’s perfect.

Eventually, I will move up to a heavier bow as I get stronger but this is fun to shoot without straining.
This is great for someone just starting out wanting to work on aiming and simply hitting the target. This would also be great for children to learn on as long as they are tall enough to hold it and have it off the floor.” – Tink. 

“This is a great beginner recurve. I got this for my daughter, but I have probably spent more time shooting it.
The arrows that come with it leave something to be desired but that’s a quick fix if you already have some carbons.” – Guatapapa. 

Wrapping up 

This is a lightweight and accurate bow that can be used by pretty much anyone, thanks to the versatility in draw weights and sizes offered. Many competitors take a “one size fits all” approach that doesn’t work for those with a nonstandard draw length, youths, teenagers, etc. In addition to scoring well for versatility, this is a high-quality bow that should stand the test of time.

But we would highly suggest investing in some better fiberglass or carbon arrows before you practice with it. We would also suggest considering an upgraded bow sight and arrow rest if you intend to use your new bow for precision shooting. 

In conclusion, this is a perfect takedown recurve bow package and ideal for target shooting and possibly hunting, too.  [aawp box=”B08JDL3L8M”]


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