Our Picks for the Best Range Bags

Whether you’re a hunter, a gun enthusiast, or just someone who wants to be prepared for whatever life might throw your way, you know that owning a gun is only half of the challenge. You also need to know how to use it. Which also means how to care and protect the gun by using a well built bag labeled "best gun range bag". We will discuss that below. You need to be more than proficient with each firearm you own, and that means practice.

However, unless you live on acres and acres of open land in a state that doesn’t frown on target practice on private property, that might be a challenge. The local gun range is the answer. Now, how do you get all your gear from point A to point B and back again? With a gun range bag, of course.

Stop right there – there’s no such thing as a one size fits all gun range bag, it’s sad to say. A quick look at the market will show you big bags and streamlined bags, military-themed bags and those that look closer to sports equipment bags. There are backpack styles, duffel styles, and more. How are you supposed to make up your mind about which bag will be the best bet for your own needs?

It all starts with knowing a few basic characteristics so that you can make an informed decision.

  • Durability – You knew this one was coming. Durability is a crucial consideration here, particularly considering all the sensitive gear your bag will hold on a regular basis.
  • Capacity – Really, this should read “interior space”, but it boils down to how much stuff you can fit into the bag without it bursting at the seams.
  • Organization – This one is important, particularly if you’ll be carrying more than one gun to the range. How will you keep them organized and stowed safely while in transit?
  • Security – As a responsible gun owner, it’s your duty to ensure that no one can get to your guns but you, and that includes while you’re on the road to the range, while you’re at the range, and on the way back. What sort of security/locking system does the bag offer?
  • Style – Are you more comfortable with a backpack style bag? Would you prefer a duffel or athletic style bag? It makes a difference.

Understanding Gun Range Bag Differences

Superficially, you’d think that most gun range bags would be pretty similar. After all, each one is designed to help you get your shooting gear to where you need to go and back, right? Well, there are a few differences of note, and these are some of the most important:

  • Bag design
  • Bag material
  • Locking systems (or lack thereof)
  • Ammunition/magazine storage
  • Ease of access

The Top Rated & Best Gun Range Bags To Take Shooting:

We’ve assembled a list of the best gun range bags for 2018. You’ll find a wide range of features and functionalities here, some nice extras, as well as price points that vary from as low as under $20 all the way up to $120.

Each of the bags on our list comes with all the basics you’ll need, but you might find some are a little more basic than what you want. No problem – we’ve included plenty of options so there should be a perfect solution for every shooter.

So, without further hemming and hawing, let’s get to the gun range bag reviews. We’ll start off with one of the more affordable options. (although not the most affordable, and depending on your configuration, it can get pricey).

#1 Osage River Tactical Shooting Gun Range Bag

Overview: With almost over 1,200+ reviews at the time of this writing and a solid 4.7 stars, this is a popular gun range bag. And there seems to be some good reasons for that. It’ made from 600D ballistic nylon, which means you get a strong bag that should deal with whatever punishment you dish out. It also features heavy-duty zippers, and a lightweight design. It comes with a lifetime warranty, as well (a full lifetime warranty, not a limited one, so you’re not shortchanged).

Available in black, tan, gunmetal gray and OD green, you’ll find the right option for your needs. The bag also includes nine storage compartment, including pistol pouches designed to protect your guns while in transit. Vertical dividers increase your organization capabilities, and you can stow up to 14 magazines in the outside pockets.

Specs: 600D ballistic nylon, carries up to 14 magazines, 9 storage compartments, included pistol pouches, heavy-duty zippers, vertical dividers, shoulder strap included, as well as conventional handles.

Excellent storage capacity
Highly durable
Full lifetime warranty
No included locking system (although a small padlock could be used to connect 2 zippers)
Some customers have noted problems with the zippers

"Quality quality material to hold all my stuff. Very rugged and seems to be holding up well. This bag was perfect for me at the range."

#2 GunMate Range Bag with Removable Hook and Loop Dividers

Overview: Our second bag is the most affordable on the list, and it’s also very popular with shooters. The GunMate Range Bag features a shoulder strap, as well as carry handles, and measures a full 16” x 8” x 7”, so it should be just the ticket for a quick trip to the range.

The bag features hook and loop dividers in the interior, as well as lockable zipper side compartments that can each hold two pistols. A pistol rug is included, as well. A rollup flap with dual side zippers gives access to the main compartment. While it does not provide a lock, the zippers can be locked together for security.

Specs: Lockable side compartments, zipper access, main compartment protected by roll up, zippered flap, hook and loop dividers (removable), holds up to four pistols.

Holds four pistols, so a good choice for a day at the range
Shoulder strap and carry handles
Little stiffness in the bottom, so the bag can sag with heavier loads
Some customers have complained that the shoulder strap failed after light use

"Excellent bag for the price. Pistol fit perfectly and snug. Felt secure."

#3 G.P.S. Handgunner Backpack

Overview: Our first backpack style bag on the list, the G.P.S Handgunner is also one of the most expensive, but it's also one of the top rated gun range bags and one of my personal favorites. However, it brings a lot of interesting features to the table. For instance, the bottom front compartment unzips, revealing a pullout section that can stow four pistols safely between high-density foam sections.

It also carries up to 12 magazines, and has plenty of room for extras, like shooting glasses and targets, your ear protection and shooting mats, plus your cleaning supplies. It manages to carry all this, and still fit easily on your back.

Specs: Rigid foam insert to hold up to four pistols, plenty of pockets for virtually any needs, dedicated eyewear/ear protection pocket, Velcro loop to secure targets, carry up to 12 magazines.

Compact backpack format
Carries up to 12 magazines
Foam inserts slides in and out easily
Plenty of pockets for pretty much anything needed
Fits four handguns
Shoulder strap and carry handles
Does not fit large handguns without modification to the foam insert, which reduces the number of guns that can be carried
Nowhere to store boxed ammo
Lots of pockets, but some users report there isn’t that much room for bulkier items

"LOVE this bag! I take it to the range with me every time. The only thing I wished was for it to hold room for more ammo."

#4 G.P.S. Tactical Range Backpack

Overview: The next gun range bag on our list, the G.P.S. Tactical Range Backpack, is close to the top of the price range, but brings plenty of features to the table that most shooters will love. It features a military-inspired style and comes in either sand or black. It also uses a MOLLE Webbing System with triple stitching for outstanding durability even with heavy loads.

The backpack also features an internal honeycomb frame for rigidity, which prevents “bag sag”, and the padded waist strap is comfortable, but also helps to ensure stability while wearing the pack. Four outside zippered pockets provide storage for extra ammo and your gear. Check out our full review of the GPS Tactical Backpack.

Specs: Honeycomb frame for rigidity, carries three pistols with four magazines each, MOLLE system, lockable zippers on gun compartment.

Carries three pistols in dedicated pouches
Each pouch carries up to four magazines
Lockable zipper on the gun compartment
MOLLE straps allow you to attach modular packs to carry extra gear
With thicker pistols, only two will fit in the compartment
The waist belt cannot be removed

"This is the only gun range bag you will ever need for your pistols and ammo."

#5 Explorer Tactical Range Ready Bag

Overview: The Explorer Tactical Range Ready Bag is a mid-priced option that offers some nice features, although some may find the limited capacity a problem. The bag features two side pockets for carrying pistols (one per pocket), each with its own protective pouch. However, additional pistols can be carried in the main compartment if needed.

It is also capable of carrying 11 magazines (seven in the front outer compartment and four in the rear compartment). The interior of the bag is separated by removable dividers so you can organize and customize your space to fit your specific needs. Note that the dividers run lengthwise in the bag, not from side to side.

The center section is also large enough for pretty much any of your gear, ranging from boxed ammo to ear protection and eyewear. Finally, the bottom of the bag is lined with hardwood to prevent sagging and provide rigidity. All zippers can be locked for security. Check out our full review of the Explorer Range Bag.

Specs: Two zippered gun pockets, carry up to 11 magazines, removable interior dividers for organization, hardwood bottom for strength and rigidity, lockable zippers.

Plenty of room for magazines
Capable of carrying even larger handguns
Hardwood insert in the bottom for strength/sag resistance
600D Nylon
18" x 14" x10" size
Only dedicated space for two pistols (although others can be carried in the main compartment, with room for five total depending on size)
Interior dividers run lengthwise, not widthwise

"Well made bag"

#6 Orca Tactical Gun Pistol and Ammo Shooting Range Duffle Bag

Overview: The last bag on our list comes in with a mid-range price, and good reviews, albeit nowhere near as many as some of the other gun range bags we’ve highlighted thus far. The Orca bag is a duffle style gun range bag, and it features tons of space inside and out, with pockets for almost anything. It is also available in OD green, black/pick, black/red and sand.

You’ll find 13 compartments and pockets total here, including two designed to hold drink cans. Two side pockets feature pouches for pistols (lockable), and can also hold ammo, and there are elastic loops in the main compartment to hold magazines (double stacked). The center compartment can also hold additional pistols. The bag itself is made from 600D nylon, and all seams feature heavy-duty stitching for excellent durability.

Specs: 600D nylon construction, double-stitched seams, multiple colors available, lockable zippers on gun compartments, two dedicated pistol compartments, elastic magazine holders inside main compartment.

Super strong 600D nylon for durability
Double-stitched seams
Plenty of pockets/compartments
All zippers are lockable
18" x 14" x10" size
Large pistols will not fit
Magazine storage system requires mags to be double-stacked

"Well made bag"

Finding the Best Gun Range Bag for 2019: Wrapping It All Up

We've highlighted what we feel are some of the best gun range bags for 2018 currently on the market. They bring a lot of different features and capabilities to the table, as well. However, they're not the only things you'll find out there. For any shooter, it’s important to know the features that matter most to you, and how those will affect the price you pay for a gun range bag. Here are some of the questions you’ll need to answer before making a purchase:

How Many Guns Do I Want to Carry?

As you can see from the selection of gun range bags above, gun capacity varies greatly, and that’s particularly true if you intend to shoot large handguns, rather than smaller ones.

How Much Gear Will I Carry?

You’ll definitely need to know what and how much gear you’ll be carrying with you, as each piece will take up additional room in your gun range bag. Make sure you have space for the essentials, beyond guns and ammo, including eyewear, ear protection and your cleaning kit.

How Much Weight Will I Be Carrying?

Depending on the number of guns, the amount of ammo and the quantity of other gear you’re going to carry, it can get pretty heavy. You’ll want to make sure that your bag can hold up to the abuse, but you also need to make sure that you’re comfortable carrying it all. Heavier loads are often better carried on the back (backpack style gun range bags), but some people prefer a traditional duffle bag instead.

Do You Shoot Oversized Guns?

Most of the gun range bags we’ve highlighted above are designed pretty much for standard sized guns. If you’re a fan of longer barrels and higher caliber guns, you will need to make sure that you have space for them in the bag, or that you’re willing to modify the bag to carry your weaponry. Note that some modifications will reduce the capacity of the bag, too.

How Much Do You Have to Spend?

This is probably the “make or break” question, as it will largely determine the bag you get. However, some higher-priced bags come with less space than cheaper bags. With that being said, there’s always a tradeoff. Can you live with less padding overall? Does it matter if the bag sags because it lacks an internal frame? Know what you can do without, and what features you really want to have before you buy.

As always, if you have questions, comments or anything to add concerning the gun range bags we’ve listed, feel free to let us know – we’d love to hear from you. Just add your thoughts to the comment section below.

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  1. Will a 9mm Springfield Armory fit in the GPS Tactical bag? I have a 9mm pistol and need a safe range bag to tote along. I always just throw my pistols around and trying to take better care of them these days. Let me know. Thanks.

    1. Hi Kelley,

      There are a lot of options for a womens gun range bag. G.P.S. is one of the top leading brands in selling gun range bags and they make a very fine product. I personally would choose the G.P.S Handgunner Backpack for both men & women. With that said, they do not have a pink handgun bag in that style. The Orca Tactical is the only handgun with pink that I have on my list. Hopefully this helps and it’s good to see women out on the range shooting as well!

  2. What is the maximum amount of guns the Explorer Tactical can hold? I have 4 pistols all Springfield Armory 9mm or 40. Thanks

  3. I decided to purchase #4 G.P.S. Tactical backpack to take to the range. Appreciate the detailed write up and reviews on the gun range bags.

  4. I think any of the G.P.S bags are good for taking to the range. They are a exceptional company and produce high quality bags. They are rugged and durable to take anywhere. Made for the outdoors and range. Would recommend any GPS bag for sure.

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